X Factor Slump Continues As Strictly Wins Live Show Ratings Battle

After a night of ghostly goings-on the >X Factor emerged this morning, spattered with blood and missing several vital organs. In the latest dramatic twist in the high profile ratings war, ITV1’s flagship talent show was trounced by the Beeb’s Strictly Come Dancing for the first time since live shows began.

A peak of 11million tuned into the singing competition on ITV1 whilst 11.5million tuned in to BBC1. For the Strictly Fright Night special, 700,000 extra viewers tuned in compared to last Saturday and enjoyed Alex Jones prancing about like Kate Bush and Russell Grant perform as the campest devil ever.

Robbie Savage narrowly escaped being voted off and lives to thrust another week. He tweeted: “Can’t believe I’m dancing on the most viewed show in Britain with 11.5 million viewers wow! #scd thanks for watching”.

Nancy Dell’Olio (left) was voted off last night and the unmemorable Sophie Habibas was kicked out of X Factor after finishing in a surprise bottom two with Misha B – who was accused of bullying last week.

The slump reportedly had anxious X Factor bosses on the phone to Simon Cowell, insisting that they need the high-waisted, grumpy old git back on screens in the UK if they are going to save the show.

A source said: “The basic fact is that viewers miss Simon Cowell. The whole atmosphere that builds up on the show to the judges’ verdicts on the acts is gone. Bosses are desperate for him to be involved somehow, even if it means a video-link from Los Angeles. There have been midnight calls to him to try and persuade himâ€?.

Cowell, 52, quit the UK X Factor earlier this year so that he could spend more time on the American version of the show.

It would be great to have him back…but a video-link? That smacks of desperation even more than a “poorlyâ€? Kelly Rowland putting on her best husky voice for a call.

But they are certainly going to have to pull something out of the bag. What with Frankie Cocozza casting serious doubt on Gary’s ability to distinguish talent from testosterone and Nu Vibe creating a distinctly 90s sound, the acts are unlikely to maintain our interest for much longer.

A poll conducted by The Sun newspaper has revealed that an incredible 55 per cent of this year’s X Factor audience said the show should be axed after this year’s winner is crowned.

Will it even last that long!?