X Factor: Tulisa Booed & (Yet More) Fix Claims..

The first episode of X Factor is still a couple of months away but scurrilous rumours are already emanating from the talent show’s gigantic tour bus.

Gary Barlow is once again at the heart of the scandal as we reach for the defibrillator and prepare to inject life back into the knackered out rumour that another of the nation’s TV talent shows is ‘fixed!’ This week’s fix claim du jour is the situation involving boyband The Mend who apparently already have a ‘relationship’ with Take That ‘manager’ Nigel Martin ‘Smith’. ZZZzzzzzzzzz…

Sorry but there’s only so many times you write the same article without turning into a braindead zombie. Just ask Jan Moir.

Rumours involving whether Cheryl Cole is hated or loved by the British public are a little younger, but fast approaching the same level of tedium. If a gauge existed which depicted the public feeling for the ex-Girls Aloud singer, then we reckon it would be all over the place like an cockpit dial from some James Bond film. To be honest we’re not bothered if Britain has ‘forgiven’ Cheryl or not, but we wish it would hurry up and decide.

The imaginary needle in question took another lurch towards ‘love’ this morning when reports hit the internet that Tulisa (that one from N-Dubz) was booed at an X Factor audition as fans crowed “We want Cheryl” at the top of their voices. Apparently the new judge failed to ‘connect’ with the audience in Manchester as well.

While we worry about whether we are ‘connecting’ with enough people (apparently very few people in the X Factor sphere are..) we are also hearing that Gary Barlow was quick to disagree with some of Tulisa’s comments in front of the audience, thus making the her look even more stupid (which anyone who’s seen an N-Dubz video will know, is quite an achievement in itself). Presumably we can expect a more sinister single from Take That next time out.. ‘Kick Them While They’re Down’ anyone?