X Factor USA Panel To Be Announced

After weeks of speculation Simon Cowell has finally revealed that he will be announcing the final judging panel for the American debut of X Factor within the week.
Cowell told MTV that he thinks he’s got the best judging panel so far, but admitted that choosing the celebrities was not easy.

“This has been harder than I thought,â€? he said. “You’ve got to negotiate people’s deals, you’ve got to make sure you’ve met as many people as possible, and you’ve got to find the right chemistry.â€?

“I’ve got it in my mind now. I think of who I want this panel to be, and within the week, I think we’re gonna announce it…It’s gonna be a balance between guys and girls, and it should be a balance between people who have been singers and also, like me, have worked behind the scenes and know what they’re talking about it.â€?

“It will be the best judging panel so far, I promise you. If I get the people I want, I’m really happy.â€?

It’s fair to say that TV fans everywhere will be rejoicing at the thought that gossip columns will no longer be filled speculation on who the judges will be. Unfortunately, that means the show will start soon. Such is life.