X-Men 4 And 5 To Happen?

X-men300Despite numerous spin-offs, prequels and goodness knows what else, producer Lauren Shuler-Donner has said that there will definitely be a fourth film in the X-Men franchise and a fifth could well follow.

“We took the treatment to Fox and they loved it,” she said, speaking to Empire. “And X4 leads into X5.”

She also spoke about Deadpool, the upcoming spin-off (told you so) starring Ryan Reynolds.

“It’s a total reboot. We’re either going to pretend that X-Men Origins: Wolverine didn’t happen, or mock it, which he [director Adam Berg] could do.”

Whether any more X-Men films are needed is up for debate, but at least one thing’s for sure – we’re all pretending X-Men Origins: Wolverine didn’t happen.