“You Are Not Getting In My Car!” The Thick Of It Series 4 Trailer

The wait is nearly over folks! If there’s a sweary hole in your life that no amount of Frankie Boyle can fill then prepare to be very excited because The Thick Of It series 4 will be hitting our screens on Saturday 8th September and we have a teaser trailer for you right here. Titled The Thick of It: Coalition this 30 second video gives us a taste of how Armando Iannucci and his team of talented writers will be tackling the current political deadlock.

It features that pacy music from Christopher Nolan’s Inception as well, so we’re extra-hyped. Returning to the political landscape are Rebecca Front (fresh from her recent series of Lewis) as Nicola Murray MP, Chris Addison as Special Advisor Ollie Reeder, Joanna Scanlan as Waitrose-employee-turned-civil-servant Terri Coverley and of course, rapier-witted swear-machine Malcolm Tucker, played by Peter Capaldi.

The Thick Of It series 4 starts on Saturday 8th September