Zach Helm To Uh…Helm Patricia Highsmith’s Deep Water

Patricia Highsmith is about to have yet another of her novels adapted for the screen. The writer behind some of cinema’s best-loved thrillers including Strangers On A Train, The Talented Mr Ripley and The American Friend, the latest work by Highsmith to be given the big-screen treatment will be her 1957 novel Deep Water which will be scripted by Zach Helm.

The story sees a suburban couple whose marriage is becoming unbearably tedious. In order to spice things up a bit, the husband decides to let his wife has as many affairs as she wants. This works for a while, until her lovers start disappearing in mysterious circumstances.

This has been pinballing around Hollywood for a while with Mike Nicholls set to direct and Joe Penhall on scripting duties way back in 2008. With Helm on board producer Steve Zallian will be looking for a director.

Helm meanwhile is becoming rather in demand with his latest script Freezing People Is Easy snagging Paul Rudd last week.