Zemeckis For Here There Be Monsters?

zemeckis210Robert Zemeckis – a man back-pedalling fast on his claim to exclusively make animated movies after the disastrous performance of Mars Need Moms – is apparently considering Here There Be Monsters along with Flight Replay and Major Matt Mason.

HTBM is the new film from Thomas Tull (of Legendary Pictures) and will see the legendary American Revolutionary naval war hero John Paul Jones (not the bassist from Led Zeppelin) battling sea monsters.

Brian Hegeland (L.A. Confidential, Man On Fire and ugh, The Taking Of Pelham 123) is the man behind the script which will probably see Jones fighting all manner of undersea nasties while shouting “I have not yet begun to fight!”, a phrase that’s been post-apocryphally attributed to the man.

I’m actually quite intrigued. I read Kim Newman’s excellent Anno Dracula recently and I’ve built up a taste for alternative time-line historical fiction. Bring on the Kraken!