Zeta-Jones On Board With New Soderbergh Release

Soderbergh loves this Welsh gal

Catherine Zeta-Jones is being lined up to play her most challenging role to date – a man by the name of Dr. Eric Siebert.

Yes, we’re guessing they might have to change that particular character ID if they want to avoid an uncomfortable reverse Mrs Doubtfire type scenario.

Zeta-Jones will be joining Jude Law, Channing Tatum and Blake Lively in Soderbergh’s next psycho-thriller, Side Effects.

Soderbergh evidently likes to keep things in his close-knit film family: Zeta-Jones has already worked with the director on Traffic, while Law co-starred in Contagion and Tatum has become a real regular, featuring in Haywire and Soderbergh’s next planned release, stripper drama Magic Mike.

Thus far, plot details for this new project reveal that Lively will be playing a very troubled young woman struggling with depression over the pending release of her husband (Tatum) from prison.

Surprisingly, guzzling down prescription drugs does not relieve her symptoms. Starting a relationship with her doctor (Law) also adds to her mounting problems.

Written by Informant and Contagion writer, Scott Z Burns. we’re expecting a retro-thriller vibe to this flick. No release date as yet.