“Zoe Is A Backstabbing Bitch” Says Apprentice’s Susan

Cracks (and crumbs) have started to appear amongst the remaining Apprentice contestants with wide-eyed youngster Susamn Ma laying in to team mate Zoe Beresford in tonight’s episode.

This week, the teams are given the challenge of biscuit production, but before the task even begins arguments erupt over who should leave the group, with Beresford winning the vote and leaving Ma left with custard cream on her face.

“When it comes to making biscuits, I think we’ll roughly be on the same level,” a confident Ma says. “But on a personal level, she’s one of the bitchiest and most backstabbing people I’ve ever met.”

Beresford, who since filming is rumoured to be in a relationship with Glenn Ward, can’t help but upset other fellow contestants in tonight’s episode, also clashing with bookies favourite Melody Hossaini over their biscuit brand concept.

“Melody is a nightmare to work with,” says Beresford. “She’s come up with this one idea and she is pushing it and pushing it and pushing it… I don’t like the idea… She will have talked [the focus group] to death about the idea until they all held up a white flag and said yes.”

Whilst tonight’s winner is still a closely secret, all evidence points to Team Logic severely cocking up the task, with Hossaini and Tom Pellereau taking the biscuit and adopting a role play style presentation technique to try and impress a Sainsbury’s buyer.

Speaking with a bemused look on his face about the half baked presentation, Sugar’s right hand man Nick Hewer says: “Tom and Melody started the pitch with a little sort of play-let and the bemused look on the buyers’ faces was something to witness,”.