Zoe Kravitz To Join Cast of 1000 A.E.

It has been reported that Zoe Kravitz has just been lined up to star in the new sci-fi movie, 1000 A.E, which is set to be directed by M Night Shymalan.

The film is set in the future and tells the story of our now hostile planet Earth, after humankind has been forced to move on. It also stars the action-loving Will Smith, and his rather precocious thirteen year old son (remarkably, already a veteran of film and rap music).

Kravitz was recently honoured at the Bahamas International Film Festival, where she was given the ‘rising star’ award. She was most recently seen in the box office smash X-Men First Class.

British actress Sophie Okonedo is also in early talks to appear in 1000 A.E.