5 Reasons to Celebrate 20 Years of Wayne’s World


Unbelievably, it’s been 20 years since Wayne’s World was released. ’92 was a stunning year for film, seeing the release of The Bodyguard, A Few Good Men, Basic Instinct, and a ton of others.

However, in the harsh light of 2013, all these films seem a bit dated, to say the least. ‘I Will Always Love You’ has become a cliché, everyone recognises “you can’t handle the truth!â€? even if they’ve never seen the film, and ‘Bunny Boiler’ is in the OED. Wayne’s World has bridged the gap between blockbuster and cult classic, and unlike it’s ’92 counterparts, doesn’t show any sign of falling out of fashion. Wayne’s World was, is, and always will be a great movie, and here’s why.

The Product Placement Scene

No-one’s satirised overzealous marketing as well as Wayne’s World. It’s been watched and rewatched a million times, and Garth’s Reebok outfit is still splitting sides two decades after it first appeared in cinemas. The best part is, it’s still relevant. In a world where that great British institution, the Bond film, has been reduced to an extended advert for mobile phones and fancy watches, a brief scene in a film from the early 90’s still manages to ring true.

It Exposes Rob Lowe as the Immortal Vampire That He Is


Rob Lowe was 28 years old when Wayne’s World was shot. In the heady days of the 90’s no-one batted an eyelid. In the film he’s a clean-cut, handsome guy, and he looks exactly his age. However, 20 years down the line, Rob Lowe looks exactly the same. Something’s not right in this picture. Either he’s made a Faustian pact with Satan to gain eternal youth, he’s a vampire, or he’s bathing in the blood of virgins. Whichever one it is, he’s up to no good, and he needs to be stopped. If nothing else, maybe Wayne’s World will alert people about Rob Lowe’s powers, and maybe we’ll one day be able to send this demonic incubus back to Hell.

It Gave The World Mike Myers

Before Wayne’s World, Mike Myers was just a pudgy-faced performer on SNL. Now, he’s a worldwide star. Wayne’s World was a rocket to success for Myers, and it cemented him in position as a great comic actor pretty much straight away. Without Wayne’s World, there is no Austin Powers, there’s no Scottish Shrek, and there’s no hilarious appearance in Inglourious Basterds. I don’t really want to live in a world where there aren’t these things.

Then again, with no Wayne’s World, there’s no Love Guru, so maybe this isn’t such a great point after all.

It’s got the best soundtrack ever

Wayne’s World is a huge film for music. In fact, its appeal to music nerds everywhere is part of its classic status and cult legacy. It’s got everything – Queen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Hendrix, Clapton – they’re all in there. The music’s used incredibly too, from Garth’s Dream Weaver trances, to Tia Carrere’s amazing Ballroom Blitz. The whole thing is an aural sensation. People loved the soundtrack at the time – almost 20 years after the initial release, Bohemian Rhapsody went to #2 in the US charts due to its use in the film. The soundtrack album went to number one in America, and it stayed there.

Interesting fact – if you’ve got the film on DVD (or VHS, like me), you’ll notice the tune Wayne plays in the ‘no stairway’ scene sounds nothing like Stairway to Heaven. For copyright reasons, the studio had to change the notes for home release, ruining the joke completely. So if you’ve been wondering why that joke makes no sense for 20 years, there’s your answer.

Comparison makes it better

Sequels are never as good as the first (apart from Grease 2. Come at me, commenters). Wayne’s World 2 is no exception. The depressingly awful sequel does serve an important purpose though – it reminds us how great the first one is. It’s like the difference between the Mona Lisa and an absent-minded doodle on a napkin. Every film, no matter how great, will always have one weakness – it’s not Wayne’s World. Really, what’s the point in watching anything else?