8 Things That Should Happen in Downton Abbey S3

Benedict C*mberbatch may not be a fan, but Downton Abbey will be returning to our screens next month and we’re more excited than a posh person in a drawing room. We know a few things about the upcoming series; it’ll be taking place in the roaring twenties and there’ll be an influx of Americans, but the rest of the details remain closely guarded by those spoilsports over at ITV. So we’ve made a list of what WE want out of the new series..

1. Carson To Get With Mrs Hughes
If there are two people on this planet more perfect for each other than this pair of rule-loving traditionalists, then we’d like to see them. They boss the house together in perfect harmony, but we’d love to see them break rank for five minutes and give in to their desires – no matter how deeply this brace of stoics have managed to bury them. Both are highly-disciplined, moral and decent, yet their mutual respect leads them to gossip with the best of them when the need arises. If only Carson would stop getting all Remains of the Day over Lady Mary..

2. Lady Edith Gets Some..
Let’s face it, Lady Edith isn’t a picky girl. She didn’t get anywhere near any of the aristos in series one and was knocked back by a farmer and a man with no face last time out. So we’re desperate for her to finally get someone in the sack in series three and old man Strallan seems to be the bloke for her. Go Edith!

3. Mrs O’Brien & Thomas’ Story Revealed
Is there a corner of Downton Abbey from which these two haven’t sat smoking and plotting misdeeds? There is not. Of course it is possible that these two are just kindred spirits, united by their desire to manipulate and cause carnage, but we think that something else might be going on here. If you ask us, O’Brien seems a little too fond of the sneering valet. Can we expect a Darth Vader/Luke Sywalker moment before the end of series three? We hope so..

4. Shirley MacLaine and Maggie Smith Have a Scrap..
We’ve been assured that there will be plenty of verbal jousting as Cora’s mother rocks up in Downton and her progressive views are sure to raise the hackles of quick-witted stick-in-the-mud Lady Violet. We wouldn’t mind seeing a few punches thrown over the dinner table though..

5. Doctor Clarkson Goes Back To Medical School.
Let’s face it, Doctor Clarkson is one of the poorest and most suggestible doctors ever to have donned a stethoscope. Apart from completely failing to notice that Matthew’s back was in fact NOT broken, he also failed to save that William (despite not much being wrong with him), sent that poor lad away to commit suicide and proclaimed that Cousin Lavina was “through the worst”. She died less than an hour later. Lord Grantham seems to realise that he’s rubbish, but Cora trusts him inexplicably. We fear more will die at his feckless hands this year..

6. Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary Have a Baby.
Downton’s answer to Ross and Rachel finally got it together at the end of the last series, but we’re not expecting a easy ride this time out. Presumably there’ll be plenty more bumps in the road before Christmas but there’s one bump in particular we’re looking forward to. The whole time issue shouldn’t be a problem, as Downton has a bit of a rep for skipping ahead a few years if necessary. But what will the baby be called? Rupert? Julian? Clarence? Just don’t let Doctor Carson deliver it!

7. Free Bates!
We left Bates languishing in jail after a maddening miscarriage of justice during last year’s Christmas Special and the whole world is desperate for him to bust-out of there. Personally we’d like to see the nation’s favourite valet break out of his grim cell in a Shawshank Redemption-style storyline. Maybe he and Anna could buy a boat and go to Mexico too?

8. A Christmas Special!
Christmas Day is often punctuated by drunken fights and things are no different for ITV and BBC, who’ll be swinging for each other again this year. Downton Abbey dominated last time out, so the Beeb have commissioned a Christmas Special of Call the Midwife, which debuted to record audiences in January. If ITV want to repeat last year’s victory then they’ll need another Downton Abbey Christmas Special. To get that edge back they could also suggest that it might be the last episode ever! Game on..

What would you like to see happen in the new series of Downton Abbey?

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