A Beginner’s Guide To.. YeSTERDAY Channel

What are you on about? I already know everything I need to know about this day-time channel. It may be a bit obsessed with Nazi Germany, but it provides a welcome alternative to Jeremy Kyle when I’m pulling a sickie very very ill..
Once upon a time you would have been correct, but I think you’ll find that since it was rebranded ‘Yesterday’, or YeSTERDAY I should say – it used to be called plain old UK History you see – it’s become a very different channel. For a start, it’s on air until one in the morning these days..
Really? Wow, that’s a lot of Hitler..
Well YeSTERDAY loves a documentary about Hitler’s girlfriend/dog/gay-lover as much as the next TV station, but they do a lot more than that now. In fact they also broadcast classic shows such as Who Do You Think You Are, Antiques Roadshow and Sharpe..
Sharpe! I bloody love that guy! No one swashbuckles like Sean Bean..
Indeed. So as you can see, there’s a range of subtly historical retro programming that you can’t really get anywhere else..
Apart from at Amazon..
Well that’s true, but with the government driving us relentlessly into another recession, it might be a good idea to save your cash. As you know from all the days you spent pretending to be ill, YeSTERDAY is on Freeview and costs you absolutely nothing..
I was ill. Very very ill. But never mind that, what does it do in the way of actual history?
Well what doesn’t it do? Everything from WWII to the Ancient Egyptians – they’ve recently been celebrating all things Sixties with ‘The Spirit of the Sixties’ season. As the channel gets a lot of it’s content from the Beeb (they have a special partnership) it’s a great place to catch any gems that you may have missed first time around. For instance, Dan Snow’s Filthy Cities (above), which proved very popular when it was broadcast on BBC2 last year, kicks-off on 1st May.
..Yeah that was a good show, but have they got any original content or do they just sit around playing BBC repeats all day.
Of course not you cheeky young rascal. They broadcast original content all year round and next month they’ll be treating us to The Queen And Her Prime Ministers, a great little doc which will track Her Maj’s reign in the run up to her jubilee..
Hmm.. I’m getting a bit fed up of all this jubilee gubbins to be honest. It’s bad enough not being able to open a newspaper without seeing Kate Middleton’s skinny mug..
Well there’s plenty of more contemporary stuff, you great big republican. The Mafia’s Greatest Hits has never been on TV in the UK before and that’s also on its way next month..
Awesome. They still do Nazi documentaries though don’t they?
Oh dear..

For more information on YeSTERDAY, check out their website..

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