A Career In 5 Clips: Susan Boyle

It’s hard to believe, perusing the timeline, that the Susan Boyle phenomenon only exploded a year-and-a-half ago. Since that April evening, when SuBo tottered on to Britain’s Got Talent, not knowing that she would soon be a global icon. As such her appearance on tonight’s Piers Morgan’s Life Stories should be the biggest love-in you’re likely to find outside of the Glastonbury Festival.

Admittedly, the Susan Boyle ‘journey’ has been a compelling one, from the moment her first audition wiped the grins off cynical faces which were left frozen in collective astonishment. They had discovered that looks have no bearing over singing ability. Their incredulity soon gave way to rapturous applause, setting a wave in motion that would carry SuBo, the girl from Blackburn (the one in Scotland) who has never been kissed, onto the crest of global fame. We present the five moments that defined her as the star she is today.

1. Her First Performance

Seen here talking on the Larry King show, SuBo talks about her newfound fame and finds herself on the receiving end of that rarest of things – an apology from Piers Morgan.

2. SuBo’s Duet With Her Hero Elaine Paige

Before SuBo launched into her legendary performance of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’, she confessed to having been inspired by the Queen of the West End, Elaine Paige. Well, SuBo finally had a dream come true when she got to perform a rendition of ‘I Know Him So Well’ with her favourite artist on ITV1.

3. Performing For The Pope

Okay, the man in charge of preventinging Africa from fighting AIDS wasn’t actually in the audience, but as a lifelong Catholic, SuBo was thrilled to be a part of the celebrations surrounding the pope’s visit.

4. Joined By The Cast Of Les Miserables

Performing the song that launched into millions of homes, SuBo was backed up by the cast of Les Miserables whilst she sang ‘I Dreamed A Dream’, probably the closest she’ll ever come to being in her favourite musical.

5. Having A Makeover

The photo shoot that helped changed SuBo’s image, these pictures showed the public a different side to the singer who had otherwise shunned attempts to ‘reinvent’ her.