Alone In The Wild Clip: Would You Steal A Cheetah’s Lunch?

Winter Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams and World Champion freediver Tanya Streeter must draw on their fighting spirit if they are to fend for themselves for seven nights in a remote corner of Botswana’s Okavango Delta on Discovery’s Alone in The Wild this evening.

The potential danger of their environment quickly becomes clear as they stumble upon a fresh kill. Concerned they have disturbed the predator, they quickly move on. Despite their exhaustion and hunger they decide to spend three days in separate camps to experience what it’s like to survive alone. Reunited on their last night, they finally catch some food, but in the pandemonium that ensues, Amy finds herself on the wrong end of a fishing hook.

Watch Tanya Streeter and Amy Williams: Alone in the Wild Wednesday 26th October, 9.00pm