An Evening With the Cast of Fresh Meat…

I went to the premiere of the second series of Fresh Meat at the Hackney Picturehouse last night, which made for an enjoyable evening with free beer and popcorn aplenty. After the screening and ahead of the cast Q&A I popped to the toilet, as I’m wont to do after a few pints and on my way back into the theatre one of the ushers mistook me for my doppelganger Simon from The Inbetweeners (aka Joe Thomas, who plays Kingsley in the show).

“Quick, you’re supposed to be on stage!â€? whispered a woman. She seemed a little flustered.. “Um, I don’t think I am…â€? I mustered apologetically, a little taken aback by the situation. I scuttled back to my seat a little embarrassed, but secretly quite pleased I had a new anecdote to milk in future social situations and indeed for the beginning of this feature.

T4’s Rick Edwards grilled the cast of the show on stage, also fielding questions from people on Twitter, which is the kind of thing yoof TV presenters are required to do now apparently. One of the questions from the Twittersphere included: “What’s the biggest animal you could throw over a football crossbar?â€? which is kind of ironic in a trendy Shoreditch way, but like all things Shoreditch, utterly inane.

“Do you ever go to the writers with ideas for your characters?â€? asked Rick.

“After series one I went to the writers and asked if I could do less humping in series two…â€? responds Kimberley Nixon, acknowledging the presence of her dad in the audience. Nixon plays Welsh dentistry student Josie, a character whose sensible and sweet-natured appearance belies a manipulative streak.

“Because series one was so good and she knew she’d never get better!â€? comedian Jack Whitehall chortled back. Whitehall plays public school boy JP (and one of Josie’s former conquests) in the series.

In series two Josie introduces her course-mate Heather (Sophie Wu) to the gang, who promptly sleeps with Kingsley, the object of Josie’s desire. “I knew Sophie from a film together years and years ago so we’ve known each other for a really long time.â€? said Nixon. “It’s great to have her on the show.â€?

Charlotte Ritchie, who plays lecturer-seducer Oregon joked: “I requested a sex scene with Tony Gardner (Professor Tony Shales) having grown up watching him in My Parents Are Aliens, and insisted I wouldn’t accept the job unless that happened…â€?

Members of the audience then had their turn to grill the cast. One goon with a shit haircut tried to hit on Nixon and had the temerity to insult Joe Thomas (and by extension, me) over his (my) haircut.

“Who is most similar to their character in the show?â€? asked one member. “There are elements of all of us in our characters, sometimes uncannily. Greg (Howard) is Scottish in real life…â€? laughs Ritchie.

“…and Kimberley’s female in real life. Typecast!â€? chimed Whitehall, to howls of laughter from the crowd.

FRESH MEAT continues on Channel 4 next Tuesday at 10pm.

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