Apprentice: OTB Talks To Laura..

Laura Moore has had a few weeks to catch up on her business sleep and readjust to life without Stuart Baggs. We chatted to her today to find out just why she was given the boot. Unfortunately, although she was rather outspoken on the actual show, she was less forthcoming with names when we spoke to her…

As the PR agent whispered in the background, Laura told us what went wrong in this week’s task. “It was a shame the girls didn’t perform very well this week as we managed to get all the items, but the fact is, we didn’t set the prices or push for lower deals nearly as much as we could have”. Laura was disappointed, but felt she performed very well, (presumably better than Stella). “Ultimately we let ourselves down by worrying too much about getting all the items, rather than negotiating,” she added.

With Stella looking like a nailed-on certainty to be shown the door, did Laura feel she had been unfairly treated? “Not really,” she insisted. “Lord Sugar just has an instinct for assessing his candidates and this week it was me who had to go”.

Asked about whether she had any regrets, Laura was philosophical. “I’ve been very direct and forthcoming throughout the series. I’ve displayed the right attitude and done pretty well to get to the ninth round. Maybe there were times where I didn’t do as well as I could have, or I could have pulled the group together more, (“This is just total b*****s, I give up that’s it, no I’m serious I don’t even give a s**t anymore, they’re pieces of s**t, they’ve left us with some s***y cafe..” – Laura last week) but that’s just how it goes, only one person can come out on top… You have to be incredibly direct and forward thinking to be successful in this age, and I think I have shown that I can be”.

Pushed for a sly dig on Sugar, Laura was firm in her admiration of the man that sent her packing. “He’s a great businessman and I’ve learnt a huge amount from him”. How polite. How businesslike. Maybe she should have negotiated harder to stay on the show?

Does a strong business drive spur these fiery entrepreneurs to conduct all relationships in accordance with personal success, or is that just the PR agent giving her the eyes in the background? And will she sorely miss working with Brent-alike Stuart Baggs?

“Yes, of course . . . I’ll miss everyone on the team”.