BGT Video: ‘SuBo II’ A Hit In The USA

When we came into the office this morning and read that a Scottish woman was capturing the imaginations of TV networks stateside after one BGT audition, we scratched our heads and wondered if the last 12 months had been nothing but a dream.

Was the expenses scandal merely a figment of our over-cynical imagination? Had we been slumbering when we listened to the Pope deny the Catholic Church’s guilt? Was that ridiculously-named volcano simply a by-product of the latest Harry Potter bender? Sadly not folks.

Undermining the perceived wisdom of folk that confidently proclaim: “lightning doesn’t strike twice”, is Jane Cutler, an 80 year-old grandmother from Wishaw, Lanarkshire who sailed into the next round of BGT after her performance of ‘No Regrets’ on Saturday.

Cutler (whom The Sun have cleverly dubbed ‘NuBo’) has apparently attracted no end of interest from American channels who have been ‘begging’ ITV for an interview with the new star.

“I’m over the moon just to have been able to perform on the programme,” Jane told The Sun. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. But this interest from America is making it even more of a dream come true.”