BINTM Final: We Talk To Juste..

The gorgeous Juste made it all the way down to the final two and only narrowly missed out on the title of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. The former Lithuanian beauty queen caused plenty of drama in the house when she teamed up with rival Anastasija to have a good giggle about some of the other girls’ best efforts. Self-confessed shopaholic and Kate Moss wannabe, Juste, talks to us about her time in the competition and where her career is heading now that BINTM is over.

Commiserations Juste. How did you feel when you found out that you weren’t the winner of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model?
A bit upset but I was happy that I came in the top two. Sometimes it’s better – when you don’t win. I always think that when one door closes another door opens, so it’s ok.

You’ve modelled before but did you ever expect to get that far in the competition?
No, when I got into the house I thought that if I can get into the top five that would be amazing for me. Then I got into the top five, then the top two and it was amazing.

Going into the house, who did you think of as your stiffest competition?
I thought my biggest competition would be Anastasija. Because we are both eastern Europeans and I thought they would definitely want to get rid of one of us!

So did you make friends with her on purpose? Was it a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?
Well actually, we tried to avoid each other in boot camp. But once we got into the house we just clicked and then you couldn’t separate us.

Do you think the other girls were a bit scared of you both?
I think so!

How have they reacted to seeing you both go through Imogen and Jade’s portfolios while they were out shopping?!
I don’t know! I’m sure everything will be cool. We are all friends really.

Throughout the show you and Anastasija were the naughtiest pair and perhaps the bitchiest members of the house. Were you worried about how the public would react?
No. I was just being myself. It’s true that we used to say whatever we were thinking and we would joke around. But I thought, a lot depends on editing so I was ready for the TV show to be something I might not expect.
But I know who I am and my friends know how I am so I wasn’t worried about it.

You came across as quite cool and calm most of the time – did you ever suffer from an attack of the nerves?
I was nervous throughout the competition. My face doesn’t have any expression if I’m scared or nervous, it’s just like a really serious face. People think I’m just being really cool but it’s not true. I was so nervous all the time.

Wow you didn’t seem it! So how did you keep your cool on that last runway show? What were you saying to yourself as you approached the steps on that final show?
I was just thinking not to fall over and hoping that the dog wouldn’t run away from me – which he did! I thought, “whatever happens, happens and I’m in the top two which is already a big achievementâ€?.

Well you looked very calm. Was there ever a time when you really felt like going nuts and throwing a big tantrum?
Not really but I had a few upsetting moments in the show.

Having your hair chopped off must be up there with the worst of them?
Yes. I thought “what the hell am I doing nowâ€? and I felt really down. And I was also a bit worried when we had the underwater photo shoot and I was left standing in the bottom four, that was a low point of my competition as well.

So the all-important question then, are you going to keep your hair how it is now or are you going to grow it back out?
I don’t know. Every time I think about growing it out I end up going to get it cut so I guess I will just get stuck with short hair now!

The judges made the decision about your hair right at the beginning of the competition – how did you get on with the judges after that?
Very well, I think.

Who did you connect with the best?
I think Elle.

She seems very genuine. What is she like off-camera?
She was always behind me and she gave me a lot of great advice. She is so sweet and supportive.

Do you think the judges were looking for different things in the winner?
I think so. We both have good, strong looks but we are very different. I imagine that there were a lot of disagreement over who should win. I’m not saying they chose a bad winner but Jade’s just different to me.

So you didn’t feel too jealous that Jade won?

The shoots this series were as amazing as ever. Which was your favourite?
I really loved the Revlon beauty shoot.

You looked pretty fabulous with the red nails and red lips. How did you find the shoot itself?
I had always wanted to do a beauty shoot and it was pretty difficult but I did my best and I got picture of the week. I was like “yes!â€?

The judges generally seemed very impressed with your photos. But they were fairly negative about the underwater shoot and the falconry shoot. Did you ever get frustrated with their comments?
Yes, in the beginning. When we had the photo shoot with falcons, I argued a little bit with Grace and Julien. Then I realised that they know what they’re talking about, they are judges and they have worked in the industry for so long. Everything they say should help us and they’re not going to say anything that would go against us. I just listened to any comments, good or bad.

You seemed a bit gutted about not winning the £2000 shopping spree in Miami. Are you a big shopper?
Oh yeah, I love to shop.

What outfits do you love looking for when you hit the high street?
I usually go for something girly and classy but after the show it changed a little bit. My look now is more edgy so I go for weird things I never used to buy before.

As a more edgy model, what kind of shoots do you picture yourself in once you are a working model?
You know, when we did the Revlon photo shoot and then we did the Company photo shoot in the same week, it proved to me and to the judges that I can do commercial and I can do editorial. I think I can do both. I can be edgy or beautiful!

This competition was not your first encounter with modelling. You had already won Miss Lithuania and Miss Fashion TV – what first made you want to start modelling?
I became Miss Lithuania photogenic. I have always been tall and skinny so friends and family used to say I should try modelling. I went in for this contest back home, and then I got spotted by a model agency and that’s how it started happening. Now I’m really enjoying it.

Do you have any secret projects in the pipeline that you can tell us about?
I’m going to see some modelling agencies next week and hopefully I’ll get signed by one of them. But one day I would love to try myself out in New York.

Are you going to carry on working here in the UK for the moment?

Good! So which British fashion icons, models or designers do you love?
Kate Moss. She is the best model that Britain has, I think. I really like her style.

She’s a huge model here. Do you think that you could be the next Kate Moss?
I would love to think that! If I get the opportunity I would love to.

Well we hope it all goes really well. Enjoy watching the show!
Thank you. I will!