BINTM: We Talk To Imogen & Anastasija

The penultimate episode of this year’s BINTM featured the girls parading around in skimpy swimwear and splashing about on a beautiful deserted beach, just another hard day’s work for these top model wannabes.

But the fabulous four have been cut in half follwing a surprise double-eviction. Now only two contestants are still in the running towards becoming Britain and Ireland’s next. top. model. We chat beaches and bitches to latest evictees, Imogen and Anastasija.

What have you both been up to since leaving the show?
Anastasija: Just relaxing really.
Imogen: I‘ve been away a bit, I’ve been out with my friends….just enjoying the summer. Just having a good time really!

That’s what we like to hear ladies. But cast your minds back to the final photo shoot on that glorious beach…how did you feel it went at the time?
Anastasija: I remember, before I did the shoot, I was crying and feeling really sad because I knew that it was the end of the show. We had an amazing time and the photo shoot was beautiful, the place was beautiful, the photographer was amazing and I was really pleased with what I’d done in the competition. I never imagined I could get that far but I always had a positive attitude, right from the beginning, and I expected to get at least half way through. I was very sad to leave.
Imogen: I loved the shoot, I really did, but the finalists both did extremely well and they both deserve a place in the final. Ultimately what the judges said was true, those two were the strongest.

Anastasija, you modelled right after Juste and she is always very strong in photographs. Did you feel at a disadvantage because of that?
Anastasija: I knew that if it was between me and Juste they would pick her. Once I found out that we were doing the same photoshoot on the beach I kind of knew I was going to go home.

Throughout the series you both came across as some of the more ambitious – and perhaps bitchy – girls in the house. Was this a bit of a game plan designed to freak the other girls out a bit?
Anastasija: (laughs) I would say only that me and Juste were great friends from the very first day and throughout the whole show. I remember her saying on the very first day, “If the girls don’t like us for some reason or other, it doesn’t matterâ€?. We were together, we had each other and anyway – I wasn’t that bad! We had quite a good friendship with the other girls.
Imogen: I don’t think it was a game plan because at the end of the day it was a competition. You’re in there for yourself. You’re going to make friends on the way and it is nice to have friends in there with you but it is a competition. I don’t think you should lose sight of that.

Imogen, you didn’t get on with Juste quite as well as Anastasija did you? Is it fair to say that you think she is a bit on the cocky side…
Imogen: I think with Juste she’s just always very quietly confident. She had an air about her that she never seemed to be worrying about anything.

Do you think you wanted to win more than she does?
Imogen: I think I did always hope that I would make the final because, obviously, I wanted it alot.

How about you Anastasija, who did you get on with least in the house?
Anastasija: Err…Tanya! But it’s all in the past now. There’s nothing else I can say about that.

Moving swiftly on…any regrets girls?
Anastasija: Maybe. There were so many comments from Charlie saying that I had the same face in all my photos. Maybe I would work on that a bit more. I would do something better with my face – more beautiful, more interesting, more different perhaps. But in terms of my behaviour or the friends I made, I don’t regret thing.
Imogen: I think, to be honest, I gave it everything I had.

What was the hardest thing about appearing on the show?
Imogen: I guess it’s the fact that sometimes you just want to go out and go to the shops or something but you are in the competition and you are under rules and regulations. You can’t just leave the house as and when you want, or phone your friends and tell them about your day – just to hear a familiar voice. You only get certain times to do that so that’s probably the hardest thing.

How about you Anastasija, the judges were pretty brutal with your hair throughout the show dyingit Barbie pink then peroxide blonde. One of the people at NEXT said that your hair didn’t look in very good condition – do you wish you had spoken out against the judges decisions?
Anastasija: No because I was OK with the comment. I knew I could grow my hair out so it could get healthy again, and I did that after the show. It’s just a bit of hair, it’s not like I’m cutting my legs off or anything!

Are you both still planning to pursue your dream of becoming a model?
Anastasija: Yes. I can’t wait to get my portfolio and hound the agencies. I just really hope that I will get a good agency because the pictures we have are so different and they’re so good.
Imogen: If anything being in the show has made me want to do it more. A lot of people think modelling is an easy life but it’s not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of hard work, you need to push yourself a lot and be really focussed on what you want to achieve.

Even after your bitchy run-in with professional models on Miami beach, Imogen!?
I think it’s just all part of the industry and I think it just shows that just because people are called “professionalsâ€? does not mean that they act professionally. They thought they were better than us and did not need to listen to the instructions on the catwalk, so she ended up asking what the hell I was doing…but with slightly stronger language! I’m not going to let anyone like that stand in my way.

So come on then, as if we can’t already guess, who would you like to be crowned queen of the catwalk?
Anastasija: (squeals) It’s a simple question, I would like Juste to win! They’re both lovely girls and they both deserve to be in the final but because Juste is my friend, I want her to win.
Imogen: I’ve been friends with Jade since the beginning of the series and I’m behind her 100%. Having not modelled before and having some of the best pictures, she definitely deserves it.

Who do you think the public will agree with?
Anastasija: Me! The public love Juste, she’s so beautiful and she is a very nice person and funny – she is amazing.
Imogen: Well…I’ve had a lot of people saying that they really wanted me to win but now they are supporting Jade. I think there is a lot of public support out there for her.

What three words would you use to describe your experience?
Anastasija: Oh. My. God. (laughs)
Imogen: Too much fun!

Well hopefully we will see your faces around again soon then. Good luck with everything!
Imogen: Hopefully. Thank you!
Anastasija: Thanks – bye!