BINTM: We Talk To Jess..

This week’s episode of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model saw each of the remaining hopefuls pouting and posing in the Florida Everglades just metres from the snapping jaws of a bunch of bloodthirsty predators. The models were also joined by a swamp-load of crocodiles.

But how did the latest evictee, Jess, manage to avoid coming to blows with some of the bitchiest members of house? And what is her answer to the all important question – lemon or cheese?

Talk us through your last shoot – did you expect to be leaving?
At the beginning of the shoot when I heard my number called out and I realised that I had to go first I was pretty nervous. I think I jinxed myself because I told myself quite early in the competition that if I had to go first there would be a lot of pressure. I knew the girls would be watching and nothing would be quite ready so I did get myself a bit worked up. But my actual feeling leaving the shoot was that I’d done well and I’d thrown a lot of shapes. The photographer even said there was a lot to work with.

Do you have any control at all over which photo goes to the judges?
None. I just trusted that the judges had our best interests at heart.

Do you think their criticism was justified?
I always tried to wait and see what the judges would say before I commented on my photo because there were photos that they didn’t like that I liked – so I always kept my mouth shut! The criticism I got for my final photo was that it looked a bit studied and serious, which is something Elle had said to me before when we had our lunch at The Savoy. She told me it was obvious that I was dedicated and passionate but I needed to let myself go.

You didn’t seem to have a problem letting yourself go in the challenges that week be it cheerleading or snogging a Spaniard! But some of the other girls did not look too pleased that you won both of the challenges that week – what was the atmosphere like behind the scenes?
I was surprised! When I won… I’m just so naive! If someone’s smiling at me and hugging me then I believe that they’re being genuine. So I didn’t realise that they were doing it through gritted teeth.
But I had done the same thing. I remember when Anastasia won The Wanted challenge, I really wanted to win that one.

It seemed as though you tended to stay out of the conflicts that took place in the house – was this something you did on purpose?
Oh definitely. I’m such a Top Model addict and I’ve seen the way girls can be with each other on the series. I went to boarding school so I knew what it was like living with girls and before that I was at an all girls school. So my experience with girls has generally been that I’ve managed to avoid any disputes. I don’t know how I do it – I’m just not very confrontational person. I don’t get hot-headed and I don’t get worked up.

One place you did manage to get pretty hot and bothered was in the studio acting opposite a dishy Spanish actor. The judges were very impressed with your acting skills – is a career in TV something you would consider?
(nervous laughter) Having heard the judges response to my performance I definitely would consider a career in acting now. But perhaps not a strict career because modelling, that’s my first passion. It’s funny I’m doing my MA now but modelling has always been with me throughout GCSEs, A levels – everything. Throughout everything it’s always been there. But anything else that comes along I’ll definitely seize the opportunity!

Interviewing didn’t go so well for you when you were faced with the boys from The Wanted. Has that put you off a career in TV?
I’d definitely consider TV and it was so frustrating because I was a presenter on my university radio station’s news programme and every Wednesday I had to interview people for it. Failing so miserably at that particular challenge was so frustrating. I’d definitely consider a career in TV and I’m really good, honestly.


Who would you like to see taking the crown now that you’re out?
I would definitely like to see Juste take the crown.

Interesting. She has come across as quite bitchy throughout the series. Why would you like her to win?
She’s the full package already and she is polite and well-spoken and as badly as I feel she’s been portrayed on the show…I’m not going to blame editing completely, there has to be something of the truth there…but she is the nicest person and we still keep in touch so I’d definitely like to see her win.

Finally I have to ask, in honour of your own brand of bizarre interview technique, lemon or cheese?
I think it would be cheese. I’m a cheese fan.

Not allergic?
Oh god I forgot he had said he was allergic – but at least I’m remembered for asking it!

Yes. You truly have carved yourself a little interviewing niche with that one. Thanks for talking to us and best of luck with your plans!
Thank you – bye!