Boardwalk Empire Season 2: Brand New Trailer

After a being on the wrong end of a five month trans-Atlantic delay for the first series of HBO’s gangster redux, British Boardwalk Empire fans will be delighted to hear that we’ll be getting the new series less than a month after our American counterparts this time around. Titled ’21’, the first episode of season 2 hits US screens on 25th September and Sky Atlantic are scheduling its UK debut for some time in October. But that’s not the only thing we’re getting excited about because HBO have handed us a fresh trailer to go with that confirmed return date.

As you can see if you take a glance below, the teaser features Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) strolling along Atlantic City’s boardwalk and receiving dirty looks from the rest of the cast as they saunter past him. As the first series ended the wolves certainly seemed to gathering for Nucky and this trailer certainly suggests that things will be carrying on from where they left off.