Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model: We Talk To Kimberley

Kimberleigh Spreadbury exited the Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model last night as Elle McPherson and her judges gave two girls the axe in the first episode. We chatted to her about whether she’s too cheerful to be a model, Julien McDonald’s hair and pantomime horses..

Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model is on Mondays at 9pm on Sky Living.

Tell us about your experience on the show, were you surprised by anything?
No it was exactly as I expected it to be, possibily the only thing that surprised me was the amount of time you spend in front of the camera because there’s a lot of waiting involved. The programme is so fluid and short, but in reality you’re waiting eight hours for your hair and make-up to be done and everything else..

You definitely seemed quite different from all the other girls. You were very outgoing with a lot of personality..
Yeah I was different in that I was happy! I can see how a lot of them might have had a problem with the fact that I was so cheerful all the time, but that’s who I am and I wasn’t going to change that for 13 girls I didn’t know – I wouldn’t change it for anyone really. I like being happy, there’s no point in being serious all the time, but I was serious when I needed to be..

Do you think someone with a personality like yours is cut out to be a model?
I understand what you mean, I can see how most models nowadays are very reserved. At the same time they didn’t show all the clips they had and although I realise they have limited time, I think if they’d shown the tea party shoot in depth people might have seen more of what I can do. In front of the camera and with brand representatives around and all the rest of it I acted very serious and how a professional model should. It’s also key to note that I do have a fun personality and that will come out when I’m not modelling, I’ll be myself. I can understand that it might have looked like I wasn’t taking things very seriously on the show, but when the need arose I was very mature and professional..

What did you think of the judges?
I got on well with all the judges really, although I was pleasantly surprised by how involved they were this season. The fact that they were actually with you and encouraging you to do better rather than just sitting back and looking at the photos, I thought that was a nice touch.

Did you think Julien’s criticism was harsh?
Yes he called me a pantomime horse! Well I suppose it’s positive if I ever want to move into acting in the future (laughs). No that’s his opinion. A lot of drama is put into the show because essentially it is entertainment, but again it’s his opninion and he shouldn’t really have to qualify it. Everyone at some point will get a bad comment, you expect it, it’s part of the industry and you prepare yourself for it. It doesn’t actually bother me that he said something negative, because there will be people out there who will like me.

What did you think of Julien’s hair?
I like his hair!

Do you think it might look better with a ribbon in it?
I think it would look beautiful with a ribbon in it! I have several he can borrow (laughs) I much prefer it to the short harsh hairstyle he had before, it makes him look more cuddly.

You also said that you didn’t think Tanya would win the competition last night. Do you regret taking the first question around the table?
Oh it was alright.. I wasn’t that bothered by it to be honest. We all knew we were going to have to answer questions about each other around the table, so I thought I might as well go first. I was difficult because obviously we didn’t know each other, but I think the fact that I said Tanya would be the first to go and then she did an amazing shoot and catwalk showed that it was turned into healthy competition.

How did you feel when Anastascija said you looked slightly child-like?
It was absolutely fine, every agency wants young models these days, so I could turn the fact that I look quite childish into a plus! I think it was my personality more than my look that they were judging.

So are you going to continue with modelling?
Yes definitely, it’s still the dream and I’m going to be doing everything to become a model. I will be a famous model one day (laughs)