Britain’s Next Top Model: Nicola Meets Nicola..

Nicola Wright was the sixth girl to leave series six of Britain’s Next Top Model last night. We caught up with her to chat about the beautiful Ricky Whittle, Joy’s slightly irritating moaning and Elle’s starey eyes…

Hi Nicola. How are you feeling?

Ermmmm…..I’m okay.

I’m really sorry that you left the show. I didn’t think you should have gone!

Ahh thanks…

Do you think the judges made the right decision?

I think that they did make the right decision because they have to judge it on the performance per week and over the past few weeks my performance has been pretty bad.

Yes indeed! What went wrong?

Well everyone else seemed to be improving and my pictures were getting worse. I didn’t perform as well as everyone else so maybe it was the right time for me to leave.

Tell me about Elle!

She was really incredible to be around. When we saw her we just stood there in disbelief and when she speaks to you she looks right into your eyes and you just freeze.

Did you think she was a bit harsh when you got upset about the judges being mean to Charlotte?

No it didn’t seem like that. She’s not like that at all.

But then there’s Grace. How was she?

With Grace what you see is what you get – she’s honest. I’m more scared of Julian because you know you’re never going to get anything nice from him.

Really? Grace seems terrifying!

If she likes you then she will say that she likes you and if she doesn’t like your picture she will just say it. It’s quite nice to get honest criticism. You just have to take it on the chin. When you’re in that sort of environment, it is harder to accept things though.

Bitching in the BNTM House: Out of control
How did you find the whole modelling environment?

I originally went in thinking that I would find living with the girls quite difficult but it wasn’t as hard as I thought. But after a while the competition becomes your whole life because that’s all you do every day. It becomes really pressurized and quite hard.

On last night’s show, it seemed like everyone ganged up on Kirsty quite a bit.

I actually got on with Kirsty surprisingly well, which is quite a shock because before the show I said that I wouldn’t be able to get along with anyone that was really confident or really loud. But all the other girls seemed to be really intimidated by her. They seemed to take her confidence as arrogance but I didn’t take it like that. We still speak now.

Do you think you will keep in touch with anyone else apart from Kirsty?

Well we’ve got each other on Facebook and we all talk to each other. I can’t wait to see them all again for the live finale.

Who do you want to win?

With Kirsty being my closest friend in the house, I wouldn’t mind her winning. Or Olivia. I think she has improved week by week and I think that she has got such a strong look that I think she could go really far with it anyone. So either Kirsty or Olivia.

Is there anyone you didn’t get on with?

I did get on with everybody but everyone has traits that annoy you. Joy’s moaning did get on my nerves sometimes but I did really like her as a person.

How did you find the Hollyoaks shoot?

That was my worst sort of task because I am quite quiet and I am quite reserved. I like modelling because I’m in front of the camera and I don’t have to speak. Plus I watch Hollyoaks every day so I didn’t want to be judged by them. It was really nerve racking.

Tell me about Ricky.

He’s beautiful.

Was he a bit arrogant?

No, he was really friendly. He was joking around with everyone. He didn’t seem arrogant in person.

Do you think you’re going to carry on with modelling?

Oh definitely. Even though it was obviously a bit of a knock back to get chucked out, I think that the whole experience has given me confidence and I definitely want to pursuit it more.

The modelling industry obviously has a bit of a reputation for being pretty harsh. Do you think you could handle it?

I think it will be a lot easier to cope with. Like on the show you can’t talk to your family and friends but if I went to a casting outside the show and they told me I had a really bad body I could just go home and cry on my Mum’s shoulder or get a hug from my boyfriend and just get on with it. I think the show made everything a lot harder and I think it will be easier in the real world.

What did you find the hardest about being on the show?

Just initially being thrown into that situation was really difficult because I do find social situations quite hard. So being away from my safety net like my own friends, family and boyfriend was really difficult and the intensity of it all was quite difficult. I tried to make the most of my time there because I didn’t want to spend my whole time feeling depressed and miserable.

Is there anything you’ve learnt about yourself in particular?

I’ve learnt that I’m a strong person. I have come out far more confident and I think that I can do modelling even though I got thrown out an early stage – Elle Macphearson said I was a 100% model and that’s a massive confidence boost.

Is there anything you would do differently?

I would put myself in it 110% and try even harder because it would have been nice to have won.

Also one more question – is Tiffany’s voice annoying?

No I didn’t find it that bad. I found it quite funny and it just made the things that she said even funnier because she had this Maltese accent.