Britain’s Next Top Model: We Talk To Rachelle..

Rachelle Harry (2)Rachelle Harry was the second girl to leave the Britain’s Next Top Model house last night and we caught up with her to talk about her new haircut, learning to walk properly and Tiffany’s annoying voice…

Hi Rachelle, We were very sorry to see you go out last night – we thought you were very unlucky to be voted off against Olivia..

Thankyou! Yes so did I…

Now that you’ve gone, who do you think has the best chance of winning the competition?

I think Charlotte has a great chance.. She’s very sprightly and bubbly and kind of like a mini Elle so the judges seemed very drawn to her. She’s also quite stunning in real life, which helps of course..

Speaking of Elle, what was it like meeting ‘The Body’ herself?

She was everything I expected her to be and more. She’s really tall which makes her seem very powerful and her hair was always perfect. She was very nice to everyone..

Really? How boring. There is a certain stereotype that the modelling industry is quite bitchy. Did you see anything like that in the house?

Ermmm.. I do think that some of the girls didn’t like each other. Some of the girls who had similar looks – such as Kirsty and Amber – certainly weren’t the best of friends and it wasn’t unusual for them to be talking about each other – and not in a good way. I got on well with everybody of course..

Of course… Who did you get on with best while you were on the show?

I got on well with Charlotte, Harleen, Amber and Delita and Hannah. There were a few of us who were sad to see her go last week…

Did Tiffany’s voice ever annoy you a little bit?

Ermmm… (long pause) …Yes it did. But Joy’s accent annoyed me a lot as well. It’s always going to happen when so many of you are living in one house.

Were you surprised by anything in the world of modelling or was everything as you expected it to be?

I was actually quite surprised by most of it. You’d be amazed at the amount of time it takes to do hair and make-up for the photo shoots for instance, but there were so many other little things as well. I didn’t know that they steamed the clothes before a shoot so that once you put them on you aren’t allowed to do anything to change the shape of the outfit. We were literally be on our feet for hours at some points. Things like that were quite surprising, but I was in the same boat as everyone else and it was a good way to learn..


What are your plans for the future? Have you still got ambitions for a career in modelling?

Yes I definitely still want to do modelling, but I’ve just finished my first year at Bournemouth University and I’ve always said although I want to do modelling, university has to be a plan B, but when I’ve finished I do want to focus on modelling entirely.

Last night was the haircut episode. You got off very lightly, unlike a lot of the other girls. Whose new ‘do’ was the worst?

Although Alisha got all her hair chopped off… I am actually going to say Kirsty. They made her hair long, slim and blonde but I think it looked much better brown. Apart from that I think all the cuts actually looked OK, it was just the colourings that seemed a bit off..

Did you manage to get any freebies while on the show?

I got to keep my model uniform from boot camp and I got a hoody, a dressing gown, my gold cat-suit that I did the catwalk challenge in last week. I’ve also still got a few of the freebies that the girls who won the challenge gave me in the second episode. There was so much stuff in those goodie bags! Anything they didn’t want they were giving away so someone gave me a handbag, a dress, some lip-gloss..

We get the picture – you cleaned up! Now earlier in the series one of the judges said you were basing your look a bit too much on Naomi Campbell. Do you think that was fair?

I thought that was pretty unfair and completely irrelevant to the photo shoot we were doing, which was lingerie. I hadn’t made any comments at all about basing my style on Naomi, It’s not like I was saying “I want to be the next Naomi” so it was a bit strange and unfair for them to just compare me like that and put me down just because I looked a little bit like her. I mean obviously it was a compliment but there was no need to penalise me for it…

What was the most important thing you learned while on the show?

I definitely learned how to walk properly in heels for the catwalk. Very important…