Celebrity Big Brother Preview

When Channel 4 decided to pull the plug on its Big Brother franchise, there were certainly a mixed range of responses from viewers and critics alike. On the one hand, whilst many applauded the broadcaster’s decision to end a show that they considered to have passed its prime many years ago, it was evident from public reaction that the programme still enjoyed a loyal fan base.

Now on Channel 5 in glorious high definition, the show follows the same format that viewer’s will love or hate, with the theme music, Geordie voiceover man, and diary room remaining unchanged. And, whilst there’s no Davina, there is another ‘Big Mutha’ to contend with, with a heavily pregnant Emma Willis teaming up with former winner Brian Downing to present the show, the latter of which recently stating he was “absolutely f**king chuffed that I’ve been asked [to present the show].â€?

The broadcaster has reportedly spent £6m on revamping the franchise, promising that Celebrity Big Brother, the first episode of which will air this Thursday at 9pm, will include some of the “biggest, most colourful and interesting names aroundâ€?. Whilst this PR soundbite may sound good on paper, looking at the list of rumoured celebrities it could be a slight overstatement.

Kerry Katona (joined by mum Sue), Amy Childs, Jedward, Bobby Brown, and former EastEnder Sid Owen have all been named as possible contenders, along with Tara Reid of American Pie fame and the Speaker’s Wife Sally Bercow, who has supposedly been paid a substantial amount to appear on the show.

It’s certainly an interesting mix, but whether or not any of these so-called celebrities will actually enter the house is anyone’s guess. One thing for sure is that whether you love it or hate it, get ready to be swamped with news about the housemates’ every move. If the media reaction so far is anything to go buy, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.