Corrie’s 10 Brassiest Birds!

With Coronation Street celebrating its 50th anniversary this week (you may have noticed a massive explosion on ITV1 last night) we thought we’d take a look at some of the boldest women ever to grace the cobbles…


10. Bet Lynch

Bet’s card was well and truly marked after she gave Lucille Hewitt a black eye in her first episode. The iconically-haired barmaid went on to become a firm favourite on the Street during her on-and-off residence over the next five decades. A self-confessed “tarty woman”, she was voted the Greatest Ever Landlady by Inside Soap Magazine. Take that Windsor..

9. Janice Battersby

This is one brassy broad that we at OTB would never want as a mother-in-law! The mouthy machinist, who quite literally has the biggest pie-hole we’ve ever seen, put the gob into gobby. Janice first appeared on the street with husband Les, and the couple were like Weatherfield’s answer to Wayne and Waynetta Slob. Though Les is no longer in the picture, Janice Battersby has never stopped causing trouble along the cobbled street and there are still few who will take on the mardy mare.

8. Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor might not seem an obvious choice, but behind her slightly crazed exterior, barm-pot Mary is made of steel! Obsessed with local bore Norris, Mary has tried every trick in the book to get the sweetshop co-owner to fall for her eccentric charms. From the depths of her motor-home, which we at OTB doubt you are allowed to just leave in the middle of the street, Mary concocts all kinds of hair-brained plans, including sabotaging Roy and Hayley’s wedding day! Not so sweet after all!

7. Gail Platt

Gullible Gail Platt has had more men than we at OTB have had hot dinners and some have even landed her in jail, but whilst she’s a fool for murdering, debt-ridden husbands, the froggish-looking female certainly knows how to handle herself in a squabble or two, normally with neighbour Eileen or her hairdressing mother Audrey. We just wish she’d stop arguing with the old battleaxe, and get a haircut from her instead!

6. Becky McDonald

Former ex-con Becky McDonald may have found happiness with brave hubby Steve, but this brassy blonde’s hobbies still include a bar brawl or two in the Rovers and chain-smoking her way through forty fags at tea time. Her style smacks of trailer-trash chic, she has a gob on her the size of Freshco’s and the troublesome mare even managed to ruin both of her weddings to Steve because she got to drunk at the first and was arrested at the second. She might be pretty, but this is one force to be reckoned with!

5. Carla Connor

Feisty underwear-factory boss Carla Connor certainly proves dosh doesn’t make you posh. The seductress frequently gets her knickers in a twist over men, and was tortured by evil former husband Tony Gordon. Still she got her own back…it seems the knickerbockerglory herself likes nothing better than seeking revenge with a gun in her hand! Don’t be fooled into thinking of the moneyed slapper as a victim, for Carla has slept her way through most of Weatherfield’s men and had a few run-ins along the way too! Currently trying to bed her best mates fiancé, it looks like the booze-guzzling hussy is in for a few more!

4. Elsie Tanner

Famously described as “the sexiest thing on television” by Prime Minister James Callaghan, Elsie Tanner was one of the show’s original characters and appeared in the first ever episode in December 1960. She was known for her penchant for gin, her frequent battles with Ena ‘moral voice of the Street’ Sharples and her rampant sexual appetite. Many critics believe Elsie formed the template for hundreds of other female TV characters. Kat Slater anyone?

3. Blanche Hunt

Never has the saying ‘age over beauty’ been as true as with sharp-tongued pensioner, Blanche Hunt. Mother of dreary Deirdre, Blanche was the master of sarcasm and had a rather infectious cynicism towards life, in particular affairs of the heart. Sir Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice aide Nick might have a few funny faces up his sleep, but Blanche had a plethora of disapproving glances in her repertoire! Though her character has passed away, we like to think Blanche is still looking down on the street and rolling her eyes in contempt!

2. Tracy Barlow

Poor Deirdre and Ken – not only did they have to put up with Blanche, but murdering daughter Tracy Barlow too! This confrontational killer is currently behind bars, but every time she steps on to Coronation Street all hell breaks loose. The terrible tart once lied, and convinced everyone that Roy Cropper was the father of her baby! This one really is a nasty piece of work.

1. Ena Sharples

In at number one is the original battleaxe herself, Ena Sharples. This fierce Winston Churchill look-a-like was infamous for her uncontrollable temper, and spent twenty years on the street lambasting her fellow neighbours with her staunch opinions. The formidable milk stout drinker smashed windows, shoplifted and was a gossip-mongering old cynic, but the bossy caretaker paved the way for all of Weatherfields brassy birds to come!