Dear ITV. Why Is The ITVPlayer So Terrible?

When ITV announced plans to start charging people for specific online content last year, there were a few eyebrows raised in the OTB office. Whether you enjoy the channel’s programming or not, the idea was made laughable by the fact that the ITVPlayer is easily the poorest of all the ‘players’. As such, the idea of paying for it was about as enticing as the idea of forking out to use one of those unspeakably grotty public toilets in Kings Cross train station.

Adam Crozier and his cronies (crozies?) have quietly put the aforementioned plan on hold, but they don’t seem to have done much to improve the quality of their online viewing portal, which sadly, is still rubbish. The excessive adverts (far more than you find on 4OD) don’t help but what really grinds our gears is the way the content stops, starts and spends ages buffering. The image quality isn’t great either. Why ITV don’t pull their fingers out and improve their service is a bit of a mystery, because with more and more people watching their TV online, they’re lagging behind the competition.

One of the various complaints that many people have for the ITVPlayer is that it often resets itself, forcing users to sit through the same adverts time after time, others say the audio is often out of sync and some reckon the platform gets stuck sometimes and simply repeat the same scenes over and over again.. although they might just have been watching Britain’s Got Talent.

We called up ITV to ask them about the problem and they refused to comment on the crapness of their interweb monstrosity, but crucially, didn’t actually refute our allegations. We then considered putting together an in-depth analysis of the software, but our computer skills are worse than your average IT worker’s people skills, so that idea was also a non-starter. All that’s left is to advise anyone struggling with the system to use the the Scottish version instead. Apparently it’s much better..

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