Doctor Who Series 6 Preview Gallery *No Spoilers*

It’s nearly Tardis time folks. But while we wait for things to kick-off (and believe us, they really do kick-off..) next weekend, we thought we’d share these tasty images of the first half of series 6 with you. If you were labouring under the impression that Doctor Who couldn’t get any better? We have one word for you.. Pirates.


Episodes 1 & 2: The Impossible Astronaut & Day of the Moon
This is the first time the Beeb have started us of with a double episode since the show was rebooted a couple of years back and this trawl space and time (1960s America in particular..) is good enough to be a season finale. It took us at least a minute to pick our jaws off the floor at the end of this brace – rest assured there are plenty of new plot arcs to ponder as well as some awesome settings. Utah’s Valley of the Gods, Area 51, The White House etc. Also we get to know some scary-ass villains a little better (see below)..

The Doctor works his fedora..
Enthusiastic FBI agent Canton Everett Delaware III takes a trip in the Tardis in Episode 2. We think we could be seeing him again..

Episode 3: The Curse of the Black Spot
Guest starring Lily Cole and Hugh Bonneville (of Downton and Twenty Twelve fame) the Doctor and his team head for the high seas in this Pirates mash-up. Written by Steve Thompson, who penned an episode of Sherlock last year, this episode was actually filmed on a real ship, so anyone seen disappearing overboard is genuinely doomed..

Episode 4: The Doctor’s Wife
Guest starring Suranne Jones (below) and written by another master story-teller (the BBC seem to have a bunker full of them!) Neil Gaiman, this episode that looks a bit like a period drama tribute. Gaiman may be a novelist, but you can tell he’s a Doctor Who fan says the Moffat in an interview with the Radio Times. The sly git has refused to reveal ANYTHING about the plot or that title though. Curses.

Sci-fi fantasy legend and writer of episode 4 Neil Gaiman hangs out with Matt Smith and Suranne Jones on set..
Sci-fi fantasy legend and writer of episode 4 Neil Gaiman hangs out with Matt Smith and Suranne Jones on set..

Episode 5: The Rebel Flesh & Episode 6: The Almost People
We’ve only seen one image of this two-parter (guest starring Sarah Smart of Wallander below..) but it looks plenty scary. Written by Matthew Graham (Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes) we can expect to see some alien shape-shifters “becoming involved in an industrial dispute” explains Steven Moffat. It’s a good thing we trust him..

Episode 7: A Good Man Goes to War
What’s going on below? Well Centurion Rory is confronting the Cyberleader and his troops in the mid-season finale. Or as Steven Moffat told RT: “As the last of the Time Lords and the Lone Centurion (blaze across the galaxies to save the women in both their lives, history is unfolding. In her cell, in Stormcage (Stormcage?!), River Song knows that the time has come at last. She has a secret and this is the day she tells it. The battle of Demons Run has begun and the Doctor’s darkest hour is now..”