Five New Sci-Fi Shows From The US To Look Out For..

The major US networks unveiled some of their biggest new programmes for this ‘fall’ in New York this week and amongst the usual swathe of family sitcoms and cop dramas, there were some pretty exciting sci-fi offerings for us to get our geek mitts on. With dinosaurs, and names like Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams flying around, we think there’s a lot to get excited about..


How bad are things going to be in 2149? Well, bad enough to make the human race think that it needs to relocate to prehistoric times in a bid to set up a new civilization. A great plan in theory, but we can think of at least one draw back to living in the Jurassic period. Steven Spielberg is re-visiting familiar territory here, but look out for some Avatar references as well (both the scenery and that grey dude with a mahoosive hand cannon..)

There’s more Man vs Nature coming our way in the form of The River which tells the story of a famous explorer who goes missing in the Amazon. Six months later his tracker beacon goes off and his family go searching for him and run into some problems. Serious problems. We say send Bear Grylls down there next time..

Okay so there IS a policeman in this drama but stick with us.. Malfoy Senior (Jason Isaacs) wakes up after a car accident to find out his wife is dead and his teenage son has survived. But check this – when he falls asleep, the situation is exactly the opposite! Also these dreams help him solve crimes. It’s like a cross between A Touch of Frost and Inception.

This one was created by the producers who came up with Lost and tells the tale of Emma Swan, a bail bondswoman who finds out she might be Snow White’s missing daughter. Apparently. Other than that your guess is as good as ours…

Straight from the noodle of JJ Abrams, this bold and ambitious drama suggests that the prison on Alcatraz Island off the coast of California was shut because all the prisoners escaped in mysterious circumstances. And then turned up nearly half a century later, looking just like they did back in 1963. As you can imagine this causes the local Police Department a few problems..