GBBO Final: Best Lines! (Spoiler-free!)

Tonight, it’s the grand finale of that great, British baking competition, the Great British Bake Off! So, in celebration, we’ve decided to gather up the best lines, the very finest crumbs of wisdom, that our remaining three contestants, as well as Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue, utter in this final, amazing episode.

Don’t worry, though, nothing’s given away, there are no spoilers, and to make things more difficult we’ve not matched the quotes up to the people who said them.

There are 5 nuggets of knowledge from John, 4 precision-engineered soundbites from Brendan, 4 of James’ flustered exclamations, and one each from Paul and Mel, not to mention a mystery quote from a previous contestant!

Have a great bake tonight, and try to avoid a soggy bottom!

1) “Stop dripping!â€?

2) “Hello, are you in there?â€?

3) “I’m dipping, I’m dipping mateâ€?

4) “I had a nightmare this week that the whole BBO tent was pitch dark!â€?

5) “I have been practicing my puff quite a lot, so to speak…â€?

6) “Knowledge is power.â€?

7) “Ive done rough puff before, but it’s been hit and miss, but I’m gonna try your method of putting it in lower.â€?

8) “I want to be a baker when I grow up!â€?

9) “People think that bakers are these dainty little housewives, but they’re not, they’re quite controlling people, who want to be told they’re loved.â€?

10) “I believe the one who can keep their emotions in check, is the one who’s going to win.â€?

11) “Kind, Mary?! Kind!?â€?

12) “Cover me I’m going in!â€?

13) “I’m going to need a ruler!â€?

14) “Ten minutes of fondant fancy fondlage.â€?

15) “What’s the point?â€?

16) “If in doubt, cover it in icing sugar!â€?

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