Gregg Wallace chats Strictly


TV Presenter and cookery judge Gregg Wallace is probably best known from his role on the hugely popular cookery challenge shows MasterChef, Celebrity MasterChef, and MasterChef: The Professionals on BBC One and BBC Two. Gregg also runs a fruit and vegetable business and has two restaurants of his own.

Why did you sign up for Strictly Come Dancing?
I love the show, it’s a huge show there is nothing bigger and actually I love to dance!

Are you competitive?
Yes I am afraid to say that I am.

How do you rate your dancing skills?
I now realise after a bit of practice that there are no similarities between dancing and proper dancing. It’s as different as paddling and swimming in the channel!

What are your thoughts on sequins and fake tan?
I don’t mind a bit of fake tan, that doesn’t bother me at all. At my age I’ll take everything I can get!

Are you nervous about facing the judges?
The judges scare me because you are working really hard and they are the experts and they are there to scrutinize everything you do. It is in their professional interest to critique you properly and that is scary. If they don’t pick up on something you do wrong then they lose credibility. On MasterChef I let people get away with things as long as they cover it in Chantilly cream!

Who will be supporting you throughout the series?
My beautiful girlfriend Anna, my mum, my kids and I think my girlfriend’s Italian parents will be too. Anna’s Nonna (grandmother) is a huge fan of the show so she will be screaming at the television too!