Has Doctor Who Become Too Complicated?

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After Matt Smith & Co were defeated by an episode of All Star Family Fortunes in last Saturday evening’s ratings war, some are raising questions about whether the Moffatian timelord needs to ‘lighten up’ a bit or risk losing more viewers.

BBC bosses won’t be too worried just yet (the ITV gameshow attracted 5.3 million, narrowly squeezing out the family sci-fi which garnered 5.2 million) but they will be looking to arrest this slide before it becomes a more serious trend.

The situation also came as a surprise for the show’s team because the episode in question guest-starred David Walliams – who had just completed an epic charity swim down the Thames – and followed on from the highly-praised The Girl Who Waited episode the week before.

Doctor Who show writer has won plaudits from many sections of the show’s viewership, but others believe the programme has become too scary and complicated for youngsters. Some have also suggested that the complex time-arc storyline has deterred some of the show’s more casual viewers, with even Matt Smith admitting to “not understand some of the plot” recently.

The show has clearly moved into new territory since the days of Russell T Davies and although most fans have been delighted with the new series, it appears there some who are beginning to look elsewhere for their Saturday evening entertainment.

So what do you think? Has does Doctor Who need to remember its fun-loving roots or is the new series the best ever?