“I Got Myself Fired..” Says Apprentice’s Bilyana

Bilyana talks herself out of the door..
Communist bloc-born capitalist extraordinaire Bilyana Apostolova was the first to face Lord Sugar’s wrinkled finger of doom in the new series of The Apprentice, but she certainly doesn’t believe she deserved such an early ousting, claiming project manager Gabrielle should have been in her stilettos instead.

“I don’t think it was fair, objectively speaking I don’t think I failed the task. Maybe it wasn’t a faultless performance but I certainly didn’t fail it. I think Gaby should have been fired. Katie was very fireable but she didn’t fail the task for doing nothing – if anything it helped. But Gabrielle lacked the leadership and decisiveness a project manager should have.â€?

Speaking with the headstrong decisiveness she so preaches proved to be Apostolova’s downfall, her 11th hour protestations turning an already riled Lord Sugar against her. “I think I made it so easy for him to fire me it was unbelievable, it was painful to watch. I think I talk myself out of it big time. I think I irritated him right at the end and he made a last-minute impulsive decision, to be honest.â€?

However, other more critical Apprentice aficionados and certainly her former fellow competitors in team Sterling (a name which came to one of the girls “in a dreamâ€? – yes these people even dream about failing currencies, as well as creating them…) would suggest she was responsible for wasting valuable sales time due to her misjudgement of Regent’s Park geography – “I have to go back with a pedometer!â€? she jokes. But I think she means it.

Nevertheless, Apostolova is not too bitter about her premature departure from the West Acton industrial estate, sorry, Canary Wharf, to give her predictions for this year’s Apprentice winners, citing baby-faced Nick for the boys and the arty, husky Jade for the ladies..

“I think Jade because she found common language with all the girls on the team, which I found absolutely commendable and respect for that because they’re such different characters. And Nick more so because of what he does outside. I liked that he took the lead. He’s decisive, and I think that showed in the winning of the task. I follow the tech industry, so I quite like that he’s involved in that.â€?

She is also not disillusioned by the programme’s premise and format, voicing an ambition to take the show to her homeland, Bulgaria, in order to bring the, ahem, sophisticated business acumen it presents to a Bulgarian audience.

“Although it’s entertainment, it’s certainly hammered a few very basic key concepts into the brains of the viewers, and I think it’s definitely put entrepreneurship onto the table. I’d love to start it in Bulgaria, because I’m just fed up with all the plain entertainment programmes, which have not much value in them, like Big Brother for example. I’d love to do that one day.â€?

Although this is not her immediate plan, she is reluctant to reveal what the business plan was that she presented to Lord Sugar, but admits she currently has too many different ideas. “I’m all over the place at the momentâ€?, she muses. And I expect the remaining candidates are saying the same…