“I Had So Much More To Give!” We Talk to B&NTM’s Kellie Forde

Kellie Forde was the latest hopeful to be booted off Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model this evening. We caught up with her to find out what life on Sky Living’s hit reality show is like and what she thinks of those new judges..

Do you think it was fair you were eliminated this week? Why do you think you went? Or should have stayed?
I actually liked my elimination picture! I thought it was my best on the show to date so I thought that I was sent home just as I was improving. I felt I had so much more to give but obviously I respect all of the judges’ decisions, they are the pros.

What was your best and worst moment on Top Model?
Best moment was going to Paris avec ma amies! Wait, no, actually, the moment after completing the school challenge. It was so liberating sharing your vulnerabilities with the world and inspiring young kids. The worst moment was going home. Leaving the girls and the competition was really hard. Other than elimination, it would have been the Carnaby Street challenge, posing on that red carpet. I really tried my best on that, and then I got the least votes of all the girls, two of which hadn’t even finished the whole challenge. That was tough, but I was over it in about 10 minutes!

Which was your favourite and least favourite photoshoot or challenge?
Well I’ve got two favourite shoots really. I had the most fun on the Paris one because the photographer was lovely. He had this great energy and was really encouraging with all the girls. But my favourite photo was the one from this week, the Rizzle Kicks one. I know it obviously wasn’t the judges favourite, but I liked the silhouette and vibe of the photo. My least favourite challenge was the Carnaby Street one, as I said – I didn’t mind the actual challenge but the outcome wasn’t too pleasant at the time! I met Laura Whitmore though and she rocks, so it’s all good.

What did you think of the judges?
I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to not only have met but be mentored by the judges. It’s all still sinking in really. I liked them all for different reasons. I really look up to Whitney, she is one of my style icons and I think she is really down to earth. Also I love Julien, his humour is brilliant. Tyson is quite friendly and approachable, and Elle is just Elle, she’s so glamourous!

What did you think of the other girls? Who did you get on most and least with?
Honestly, I’m not even just being nice to be nice here, I loved the girls! They were all great craic! There were so many different personalities and I loved that. Lisa was my fave, she is like my sister. I love her and we always cheered each other up during the tough times. She is not only beautiful on the outside but she has such warmth about her.

Who do you think will win the competition and why?
I think Lisa will win the competition, and she’s the one I want to win. Not being biased because she’s Irish and my friend, but I genuinely believe she has what it takes. She’s so beautiful, those lips! Those cheekbones! And most importantly, she is incredibly kind-natured.

What will you do from here? Continue to model or other ambitions?
Definitely continue modeling. Long-term, I want to work in the fashion industry as a stylist or something. I am passionate about the fashion industry as a whole, and I want to explore it and find my niche! I walk at Cork Fashion Week every year, supporting young designers, and this year I’m going to try and get a collection of my own in the show. That would be amazing.

Who is your favourite model working in the industry at the moment?
Erin O’Connor! I actually meet her a catwalk show I was doing, and she was just the nicest woman. She’s this super-successful model, and she’s still so lovely.

What would be your dream fashion campaign?
One for Louise Gray, she’s so fantastic! Her designs are really quirky, they excite me. Aldo I adore Vivienne Westwood. I love anything edgy and fun!