“I was Totally Lost In Scotland!”: B.G.T Judges Talk..

We’ve got talented children, dancing dogs and some awesome Glee/Diversity tribute acts to look forward to when Britain’s Got Talent kicks-off this Saturday. Have we forgotten anyone? Oh yes… the crazies who turn up by the shed-load. They’re our favourite. With Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell swanning around the states, there will be a couple of new faces on the judges’ panel this year. We headed down to some posh hotel to see what Baywatch legend David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff, the nation’s favourite comedian Michael McIntyre and BGT veteran Amanda Holden had to say..

David, Was there as much talent in Britain as you expected there to be?

The Hoff: Yes there was! Just like in the states, we got the weird the wacky and the wonderful, but what impressed me most about the whole experience was the cameraderie of each town. They all have their own spirit you know? Everyone is so positive and so into it, which I found quite uplifting. It’s actually more fun over here than it is in the states. It just seems like everyone I met just wanted to break out into song..
Holden: A bit like you..
McIntyre: Come on David, You’re describing yourself…

The guy with what you called ‘The Easyjet outfit’.. Michael Collins..Do we know anymore about him? He said he lived in a caravan – which is obviously quite fashionable at the minute – but is he a gypsy?

McIntyre: I think the difference between Michael Collins and a gypsy is the key-card.. No I don’t really know anymore about him other than what he told us on stage I’m afraid. I don’t know much about caravan parks, but hearing people’s stories does bring so much to the whole show because when you find out about people, you can’t help but be affected by their real lives..

Amanda you said that you didn’t expect too much from the guy. Why was that?

Holden: Well when someone walks on to the stage you judge them as you see them, which is always a bad thing but it’s human nature..
McIntyre: ..And also human nature is often right because most people who look like they aren’t going to be very good, aren’t very good.. We weren’t getting hundreds of applicants who looked awful but had amazing voices, that’s why people like Susan Boyle made such an impact. Loads of people look awful and sound truly awful, which is why when someone like Michael Collins turns up it’s so great..
The Hoff: Yeah I thought that was the highlight of tonight’s show. BGT is all about heart you know and that guy came on and absolutely nailed it. It’s all about making dreams come true and Michael must have really enjoyed the chance to come up and perform in front of those people. He had a great story and a great voice.

Did we see you nearly crying in that episode Michael?

McIntyre: Well I don’t think I was quite crying but I did find it difficult to watch people who genuinely believed they were talented and weren’t…
The Hoff: You had buzzer issues as well I think..
McIntyre: Well I buzzed for one guy and he walked straight off even though I was the only one who had buzzed! Then I nearly made that other poor lad cry! I think my buzzer was a bit more powerful than yours. I wasn’t crying as much as these two..
The Hoff: I was surprised at how emotional you were Michael..
McIntyre: I think you had some tears as well David..
Holden: That was jet-lag..
McIntyre: But emotion can really come from nowhere in these auditions to be honest. We were at one where the atmosphere was so dead, one guy came out and read a poem about having a poo in the supermarket and an audience member actually shouted out ‘I want to go home!’ ..We were really struggling, and then someone came out – my favourite to win it…
Holden: ..and mine
McIntyre: ..and they just blew the roof off the whole place!

Amanda are you missing Simon and Piers?

Holden: Who (laughs..)
The Hoff: I think me and Michael are just offer something a bit different from those guys. Michael is so funny that sometimes listening to him interpret what the people on stage are saying is hilarious..
McIntyre: Can you all make sure you write that down please.. Yes well everybody will be different in the role, but the great thing is that I really enjoyed working with you two because I thought we really got on… But Simon’s coming back for the live stuff of course.
Holden: I’ve loved working with the guys as well. David is obviously a super-star and so popular everywhere we go and Michael’s great fun. I can always tell when he’s going to give a standing ovation because he tucks his shirt in so the camera doesn’t see his tummy… And if he likes something he also whispers ‘Come to me first’ while the audience are applauding..
McIntyre: Don’t tell them that! You de realise who these people are don’t you?

Is Amanda in charge then?

The Hoff: Well sometimes she’s able to get the music turned off when people are really bad, but you just don’t have the heart to buzz them..
McIntyre: Yes, you know how Simon Cowell gives the signal to the side of the stage for the music to stop? Well she’s very good at that. I was like, “can I do that?” and she said.. “No better leave it to me..”

Equity has been quite vocal in its criticism of the show saying it’s cheap exploitation and also we had some contestants..

ITV Press Boucer: Hi sorry can you ask me about that afterwards because it’s not relevant to the judges..

..Are they not the face of the show?

ITV Press Bouncer: If you find me afterwards I can answer* that for you..

Can I ask about your trip to Scotland. I hear you got quite a bit of flak from the audience?

McIntyre: Well the whole thing is very dependant on who comes down to audition, because that creates the atmosphere. I’ve done lots of gigs in Scotland, I love Scotland, it’s been a huge part of my life but I think we were just unfortunate on the day because the acts just weren’t great and the crowd was becoming restless. They even invented their own song. They would chant (adopts decent Scottish accent..) “Cheerio, Cheerio, Cheerio..” and that was chanted a lot.
The Hoff: ..and I didn’t understand a word that was being said. I thought they were cheering the acts, but of course they were not. I was completely lost in Scotland. But they were nice people.
McIntyre: We had great fun up there..
Holden: ..In the hotel at the end of the evening.

Who’s your pick to win the show?

Holden: Well we can’t go into too many details, but there’s a young singer I really loved..

Boy or girl?

McIntyre: Yes.
The Hoff: There was one act – a dancer – who had a disability and he just came on to the stage and did the show of his life. I really liked him. Michael Collins was also very special, watching him again just now was excellent..
McIntyre: Well this singer, he’s – oh shit.. Anyway I like him or her..

*OTB assumes that by ‘answer’, the PR bod in question meant: ‘Give you a good going over and blacklist you from future events’.. Boo!