“I Wasn’t Loud Enough” Whispers Apprentice Firee Michael

“I’m better than unique,” said a semantically-confused Michael Copp a couple of weeks back and we certainly know what he means. Most Apprentice contestants are happy to talk until the cows quite literally come home – which doesn’t happen very often in London – so he was something different.

We’d been watching tonight’s episode for over half an hour before we got our first glimpse of him, when he sashayed on to our screens to scotch negotiations with some wholesalers. He didn’t even say much when he was brought back into the boardroom! As such it was no surprise when Lord Sugar said he was “out of his depth” and offered him his chubby finger. But what does the man himself have to say about all this? We asked him..

“In business terms I was never out of my depth, but I wasn’t forceful enough,” he explains. “I think that was my downfall. I wasn’t loud enough against some of the strong characters in the process. I should have fought my corner a little bit stronger in the boardroom.”

In his defence, Michael tells us that he wasn’t a well man for the first two weeks of the show.. “I can see why Lord Sugar might have thought that I wasn’t as passionate as the other candidates, but just so you know, for the previous two weeks I’d had gastric flu. In a highly stressful situation it’s hard fighting those big egos, especially when you’re suffering. If I’d been a little bit healthier, you’d have seen more passion and strength.”

You can’t help but agree that Copp’s limp defence definitely contributed to his downfall and after watching Bilyana go a couple of weeks back for saying too much, now we’ve seen a candidate leave for saying too little. It’s a tight-rope in that boardroom folks!

But the 31 year-old who left school at 15 and currently runs his own Kitchen and Bedroom retail operation in Essex explains that apart from a dodgy stomach and a lack of chat, his other biggest problem was his ‘naivety’ towards the show’s politics..

“I was a little bit naive going into the boardroom because the downfall to the task was clearly the production and I thought that Lord Sugar would have picked up on that. Of course talent is important but it seems like if you’re entertaining, forceful and shout the loudest then you have an advantage.”

So what did he mean when he said that he was up against people who were better educated than him?

“The others were very good at spinning situations in their favour. I’m not that way inclined and I’ll say things how they are. In my everyday life I run my own company and I tell people what to do, I was just learning the politics side of coming up against people who are able to sugar-coat the truth. I wasn’t trying to discredit people with an education.”

“Ricky new my condition when he called me a passenger, which just shows how he tried to sugar-coat things and make me look bad. I was just as passionate as anyone else otherwise I wouldn’t have been there.”