Inside A Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Audition..

Barlow hated using ITV's outside toilet..
This lot sent their minions along to do their jobs for them..
This year’s BINTM may have finished just two months ago, but this week Elle MacPherson’s modelling hunt started all over again and Sky Living bods were grilling a legion of beautiful young hopefuls in London this week. But rather than judging their catwalk potential, the producers seemed more interested in personalities and we hear that Elle doesn’t want any ‘boring contestants’ this time around. Unfortunately due to the fact that we’re rather ugly, OTB didn’t make it through the front door, but we caught up with someone who did and this is their story..

How old are you?
Looks wise, what would you give yourself out of 10?
..Mmmm 7!
Have you ever done any modelling before?
Where were the auditions held?
London, in The Cumberland Hotel.
How many girls were there?
It was an open audition and people were popping in and out throughout the day, but when I went along about 50 girls were there. I was number 175…
How long were you waiting for?
45 minutes.
Who did you go with?
My friend Alice.
What were the other girls applying like?
Very beautiful, striking girls. Extremely tall and all seemed to be around 20/21.
Were there any who thought they were a bit special?
There were a couple of girls who had beautiful cheekbones with lovely long legs who I expect will make it on to the show.
Can you explain the judging process?
Before you even register, your height is taken. My friend didn’t make it past this bit, you have to be 5’8 and I was juuuusssttt on the mark. Then I had to fill out an extensive and quite intrusive application form. The questions were more about my personality rather than my interest in fashion and modeling. After that I met the producers with two other girls who asked me more questions and again I felt they were asking more about my personality and if I was going to make for good TV.
So you think we could be seeing a slightly different show next year?
The producers also said ‘Elle doesn’t want boring girls this year’ which led me to believe it was going to be more of a reality TV programme than it has been in the past. They didn’t ask us to do any kind of modelling at all, just asked us questions like ‘which family member do you love the most’. It was quite uncomfortable really.
So it wasn’t what you were expecting..
No, it felt more like a Big Brother audition!
What did the producers say about next year’s show?
Not much, although they’ve started the process for 2012, it’ll be a long time until the show actually airs, so they were keeping pretty quiet. They did say they wanted to create a fan-base for every girl on the show though, on forums and social networks..
Did they assess your talents as a model?
Not at all, apart from measuring my height!
Were they nice?
Did you get any feedback on the day?
They told me I was smiley and bubbly, I’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out if I made it through to the next stage..
How long did the whole audition take?
About 45 mins.
Are you a big fan of the show?
Yes, although I prefer the American version.
Have you applied before?
So what made you apply this year?
I’ve just finished studying and thought ‘why not?’
Were there any arguments in the queue? Are there any funny stories you can tell us?
Haha.. There were no arguments when I was there. Watching girls do the ‘Walk of Shame’ when they realised they were 5’1 was quite amusing though!