“It Was The Haircut That Lost it For Me..” We Talk to Jen from BINTM

Jennifer Joint was the latest girl to be booted out of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model last night. We caught up with her to talk about Madeleine, what happened to Anita THAT night, her tattoos and the cutting of her beloved hair..

Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model continues next Monday on Sky Living at 9pm

You must have disappointed to go out last night. Did you think you deserved to leave?

I was very disappointed because I thought I had a lot more potential than some of the girls that stayed. I’m not sure why I left either?


Well I have to admit that I didn’t do very well on the catwalk but I was absolutely terrified of falling over and it affected my confidence. You didn’t see it on TV but a few of the people on the shoot also mentioned my tattoos – which I found a bit weird. It was apin-up model shoot and I’ve seen plenty of pin-up models with tattoos.

Madeleine isn’t the most popular girl in the house. How did it feel to lose out to her?

I actually liked Madeleine when I was in the house. When Anne left I didn’t have anyone to talk to and I started to make more of a connection with her. Once I started talking to her I started to understand her so there’s no resentment on my part..

She’s not too popular with some viewers though..

I just think she has a very strong personality and you either love her or you hate her. Anita for instance hates Madeleine but I think that if she watched the programme, she’d love her! But when put against each other they just clash. It’s just that sort of thing..

How did it feel to have all your hair chopped off in the make-over?

It was an absolute shock. I love my long hair, I absolutely adore it. I’ve wanted hair down to my waist for as long as I can remember and I’d been growing it for nearly five years previously, so having it cut off was traumatic. I knew there was a chance that they’d cut my hair, but I just convinced myself that they wouldn’t cut my hair. Everyone hopes for the best though..

Will you be growing it back?

Definitely. I don’t like short hair on myself, I feel like a guy and I have no confidence. I think that’s one of the reasons I started doing worse. So I’m growing it back – but I’m keeping the sides short..

Who were you closest to in the house..

I was definitely closest to Anne, when she was there we’d always just go off to our corner and chat – she kept me sane!

So who do you think will win?

I think Lisa has a really good chance of winning because she takes criticism really well and she also has great cheek bones and facial features.

How was it doing the shots with the naked dudes?

It was no problem. I wasn’t fazed by the guys, because I just treated them like mates who had just taken their clothes off. But it was really difficult to pose when I was lying across them. If I’d been standing up I could have changed the angles a bit or come at it side on. But if I’d moved too much then I’d have just fallen on the floor. I was very limited in what I could do and I think that left me down.

One of the girls got quite close to one of the male models..

Yeah Anita won the challenge and went to go out with them and ended up kissing one of them..

..and she didn’t have any stories to tell when she got back to the house?

She was very drunk! I don’t think she was in any state to mention anything?

What was it like working with Rizzle Kicks?

I really enjoyed it! I get on so much better with guys because there’s less bitchiness and friction, so that was a right laugh..

What does the future hold for you then are you going to continue modelling?

Yeah I’m going to start going around agencies and see what’s available. Because of my tattoos I’m going to try hard to get into alternative modelling and the alternative fashion scene. I’m also finishing my English Language and Linguistics and Spanish degree so I’ll be finishing that at the same time. I’ll be pretty busy!