James Martin’s Apologises For Live TV Blunder

Delicious looking what now?!

James Martin had to apologise to shocked viewers live on TV after accidentally blurting out the word “d**k” on BBC One’s Saturday Kitchen.

The TV chef accidentally referred to Rick Stein’s “delicious looking d**kâ€? and proceeded to look very sheepish indeed.

The TV chef was trying to praise the chef on his juicy-looking plate of pork chops on Saturday’s programme when he made a verbal faux pas to rival last week’s weatherman whoopsy.

He was quick to make amends for his live TV blunder by apologising on air and offering the correct phrase to bewildered viewers.

James said: “Sorry for that. Delicious looking dish from Rick there.”

Cheeky Bank Job host George Lamb was a guest in the studio at the time of the incident and was less than discreet about having noticed the almighty blunder. Holding his head in his hands and shaking violently, Lamb did not even try to help the red-faced 39-year-old keep his cool.

Check it out – it’s nearly home time! It might not be big or clever, but it IS funny.