Jekyll & Hyde: A Censorship-Related Outrage Checklist

Jekyll & Hyde Image 1

It would appear that 500 people complained about the recent Jekyll & Hyde series debut airing in an inappropriate time slot.

This article should not be necessary. Are people really still complaining about air times and ratings and whether something is appropriate for themselves or someone else at some point in time?

We should be past the idea of censorship by now. It always boils down to the same basic points. Please see below for your handy ‘Censorship-Related Outrage Checklist’

  1. If you’re finding something unpleasant, stop watching it.
  2. If you’re finding something inappropriate for a nascent mind, do you job as an elder and intervene.
  3. If the nascent mind refuses to accept aforementioned intervention then they’re probably not as nascent as you thought they were or your intervention methods require review.
  4. If you’re concerned the nascent mind will view material outside your supervision then either see point 3 or acknowledge that your current supervisory methods leave something to be desired.
  5. If the very existence of what you view to be inappropriate material troubles you then you should remember that neither you or your offspring are made of glass, people are not binary in their response to stimulus. We’re capable of more than simply crying or laughing at everything, we can consider things in a detailed manner.
  6. If you’re concerned about the ‘way humanity is going’ you should realise an individual is only one tiny percentage of humanity and your view should be treated as such.

This should not be a debate, I’m not even going to go into the scenes that were highlighted as making the timeslot inappropriate because they’re beside the point. TV shows – like galleries, movies, books, comics, music, theatre, board games, computer games, puppet shows, shadow puppet shows, sculptures, and cave paintings – are a form of art and should be allowed to exist wherever and whenever it wants to exist.

The next episode of Jekyll & Hyde goes out on Sunday at 19.00 on ITV.