Justin Lee Collins Guilty of Bizarre ‘Invisible Abuse’

After the exposure of Jimmy Savile’s misdeeds brought shame to the profession of television presenting last week, former Friday Night Project host Justin Lee Collins’ possessive boyfriend act saw the ‘comedian’ sentenced to 140 hours of community service harassing his former partner Anna Larke. Bad times, as he might say.

Lion-faced Collins was convicted at St Albans Crown Court of harassment causing fear of violence between January and July 2011. The court heard how Collins’ idea of a romantic evening in constituted delivering a torrent of verbal insults and routinely slapping Ms Larke around the face.

Not content with dabbling in domestic violence, Collins would also indulge in psychological abuse: forcing Ms Larke to quit social networking websites, sleep facing him and throw away DVDs because they featured actors she found attractive. To top things off Collins made her write down all of her previous sexual encounters in graphic detail in a Pukka pad.

Ms Larke also claimed Collins once tried to throw her in front of a cab on a night out with camp comedian and third wheel Alan Carr, before threatening to kill himself if she told anyone what he’d done.

The court’s verdict does make you wonder what methods he used to bring back Grange Hill. He probably taunted Roland about his dietary habits and confiscated Zammo’s smack.

The punishment of 140 hours of unpaid work will literally be a walk in the park for ‘JLC’. He’ll pick up litter, scrub graffiti off memorials and stumble around being made to think about what he’s done.

Collins’ showbiz career is surely over for now, at least until his inevitable rehabilitation on local radio which will pave the way for a return to television, presenting quiz shows on obscure Freeview channels. He’ll live out his days like post-breakdown Alan Partridge.

That’s justice for you.