“Karren Has A Massive Soft Spot For Jade” ..We Talk To The Apprentice’s Adam

'I'm out of my comfort zone here..'
“I’m not there to play games. I’m there to winâ€? said Adam in his audition tape for The Apprentice. No nonsense Adam clearly had his eyes on the prize, so it must of stung when the man with a “million and oneâ€? ideas was administered Sugar’s trademark gesture.

Tonight’s episode revolved around the task of creating a brand of affordable luxury goods, perhaps inspired by Cameron and Clegg’s “squeezed middleâ€?, and then pitching it to a group of industry experts, including the grey-haired scowler. Adam took the lead of the Phoenix team, alongside Jade and Nick, who looked like he had replaced the shoulder pads in his suit jacket with industrial sponges.

Based on Nick’s assertion that hot chocolate was a growing market (he owns a coffee shop “outsideâ€?, you see), Phoenix started brainstorming ideas for a hot chocolate shop, a place where you could go in get a mug of a variety of posh chochie. This inspired Adam to unleash his inner word-smith, suggesting it should be called “Chocolate Bar.â€? Geddit?

This was swiftly abandoned in favour of a posh chocolate shop, but then after Adam was introduced to the gelatine world of up market jellied sweets, Phoenix settled on a confectionery brand, with Adam sending Jade to “make some chocolateâ€?, prompting a disapproving look from Karren, who hinted at a tincture of sexism in the boardroom.

“Anyone who knows me knows I’m an absolute gentleman with massive respect for women,” he told us today. “Karren has a massive, massive soft spot for Jade, and it does show.â€?

So having put the issue of sexism, we do what any journalist looking to provoke a celebrity into a story does and move on to the topic of class prejudice. So did his background as a market trader from the North have any effect on how fellow contestants viewed him for the duration of The Apprentice?

“At the start, as they have fancy educations and are well spoken, but as the process moved on, they quickly realised that I was a dark horse, so to speak, and on the money, and with a lot of ability.â€?

As for Jade?

“Jade certainly showed her enthusiasm and passion, but unfortunately she showed no ability for the whole process. The proof’s in the pudding, we’ll see how she gets on in the interview stages.â€?

And would he do anything differently?

“No. No Regrets at allâ€?

Adam is now involved in a campaign called “Loving Local Marketsâ€?. Starting on the 20th of June, it’s aim is to encourage people to go down to the markets, and also provided cheap rent on space in Market squares. Find out more here: http://adamcorbally.co.uk/