Mad Men Season 5 Teaser? Yes Please..

After taking the year off (presumably to sleep off the world’s biggest hangover) Mad Men is returning to our screens in March and we’ve got our hands on the first teaser trailer, courtesy of the fine people over at Sky Atlantic. If you cast your minds back, then you’ll remember that at the end of season four Don had proposed to his secretary Megan, Joan is keeping Roger’s baby (although she’ll be pretending that it’s her doctor hubby’s instead) and Betty is slowly becoming a monster. Presumably season five will take place in 1966, which opens up multiple historical possibilities: civil rights, the space race, anti-Vietnam protests, The Beatles? As we all know, such historical landmarks are often used with the kind of subtlety that Pan Am writers wouldn’t understand if you stapled the scripts to their desks. Plot details are almost non-existent at this stage. Roll on March..