Malaki Paul Has Got Talent.. But Is Too Young For TV?

The trouble with running a talent show year on year, is that believe it or not, there’s only so much ‘talent’ about in the UK. So when you’ve harvested all the best acts, you have to start looking somewhere else, or you’re out of business. As such, ITV have been accepting younger and younger applicants for Britain’s Got Talent in recent years. But is it right to subject young children to the pressures of live television or should age be no barrier if you have a gift?

Last night Malaki Paul wowed ITV viewers with a stunning audition (below) but at nine years-old, is he ready for life in the goldfish bowl? Audience opinion was well and truly divided last night..

“It really was uncomfortable viewing with Malakai. I think he had a beautiful voice but he clearly isn’t ready..” said one commenter on The Sun’s website, while another added.. “Mother shouldn’t put him through it until he can handle it.”

Yet others reacted to the suggestion of an 18 years and over rule by arguing that.. “If we did that then you would not discover new talent until it was too late! As long as they are looked after correctly then there shouldn’t be a problem.”

BGT has previous when it comes to this and few fans will forget the way young Hollie Steel broke down on the show a couple of years back. Ronan Parke was also put through a great deal of stress after some complete jackass cooked up a theory that the whole show was rigged last year and dozens of other youngsters have passed through the system. Cowell’s track-record of turning the young starlets he finds into credible stars is questionable..

So what do you think? Should we stop mollycoddling these youngsters or should they be held back until they are old enough to handle the pressure of life in the goldfish bowl?