Video: Gillian McKeith Collapses Amid Phobia Storm..

A record 12.5 million viewers tuned in to ITV1’s reality jungle show last night, to see contestant Gillian McKeith have a panic attack and a blackout after a pathetic attempt at her second Bushtucker trial.

McKeith, 51, was placed up against former Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik in the Crate Escape trial. The trial required breaking free of chains in a dark rat-filled hole. A source told The Mirror: “After the trial she was breathing heavily, holding her chest and had a panic attack before collapsing.â€?

Medics were required to rush onto the scene to revive the controversial TV nutritionist with oxygen. The source added, “Gillian is struggling to cope. On the way to the task she was already anxious. She wouldn’t even cross the wooden bridge because of cobwebs on the hand-rails.”

The former host of You Are What You Eat already seems to have begun to adhere to OTB’s second rule for winning favour on the hit reality TV show by publicising about 100 phobias in the opening couple of days: “I could feel myself passing out. I tried. I have massive phobias that I’m facing. It’s not like I’m not trying,” she explained last night.

McKeith has already needed some persuading to stay on the show after realising that she would not be put up in a hotel. After repeatedly violating our Rule No.4 by constantly moaning, it seems that McKeith may well suffer the same fate as that of Jordan’s last season. The glamour model was forced to do task after task – 6 in all! – last year and eventually stormed off the show, having had enough.