Trailer: Million Pound Drop Live Starts Tonight

As if the onset of another series of Big Brother wasn’t exciting enough, Channel 4 have decided to launch their brand new game show – Million Pound Drop Live – in the same week.

Also presented by Davina McCall – former smack addict and ex-partner of Eric Clapton – the competitors must rely on their general knowledge and the Siren song of Lady Luck to try and secure as much money out of £1 million as possible.

Each contestant is handed £1 million at the beginning of the show which they then have to stake on a series of multiple-choice questions. They are given the option to stake put all their money on one answer or spread their bets over four. The hook? Each answer is represented by a trap door: if they get it wrong they watch that portion of their money disappear. Contestants are potentially eight right answers away from the big prize but who will have the guts to play with such high odds?

Team OTB can’t wait to see if the show will triumph or fail but judging by this trailer it certainly looks to be as exciting as the premise.

Million Pound Drop Live starts tonight on CHANNEL 4 at 10PM