New Adidas Advert: Becks & Snoop Dogg Do Star Wars

Just when we thought Adidas was going to be outdone by its swoosh-touting nemesis on the advertisement front at this year’s world cup, when this little gem turns up on. The German sports company have hijacked the cantina scene from the original Star Wars movie to create a world in which Snoop Dogg, Noel Gallagher, David Beckham and erm… Ian Brown are preparing to watch a crucial match.

Set to be aired for the first time during the half-time ad break of England’s opening match against the USA, the advert depicts the famous bar in Mos Eisley in which Han Solo famously defeats Greebo the bounty hunter in a below-table shoot-out. On this occasion however, the ill-fated alien trys to sign David Beckham up for Jabba the Hutt’s football team before being accidentally gunned down by Jay Baruchel. Which when you think about it, is even more embarassing.