No Juste-ice? We Talk To B&INTM’s Tanya & Stacey

When Elle sent the girls an email warning that they would be “thrown in at the deep end” the Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model candidates realised what might be in store for them. However, one girl that refused to be ‘thrown in’ at any end was Tanya and she duly departed after a war of words with Juste (who hardly took to the underwater shoot herself). When we caught up with them today they told us that they think the judges have already picked their favourites..

Hi Tanya. So talk us through last through last night’s episode..
TANYA – Yes unfortunately I just couldn’t get in the water! I’ve got a fear of sharks you see and although the ones in the tank were quite small, I literally couldn’t get under the water. Of course I’m disappointed but there you go..

Do you think the way some of the other girls suggested that you should go was unfair?
TANYA – I think that they were right to say that I should have gone because at the end of the day I didn’t produce a photo and I think that I would have done the same if another girl was in the same position…

How about you Stacey, did you think you’d be staying in?
STACEY – Every week I’ve had good pictures and all the judges have been doing is talking about my personality. To be honest I thought it was a modelling competition and not a personality contest. If you have a good picture then that doesn’t mean that just because you’re shy and quiet you can’t model.

Do you think the judges have their favourites?
STACEY – The judges definitely stuck with the same girls they’ve liked all the way through for the top five. Every week Juste produced good pictures, but it’s also about the people you work with as well, making their life easier. She was very hard to work with from what we saw behind the scenes and I think that should have been taken into consideration too and not just her pictures.

We saw you call Juste and few of the other girls fake..
TANYA – I think when I confronted Juste about her telling the judges that I swear alot I was right to because what she said was completely untrue. Yes I do swear – like everyone does, but not like she was making out. As I said she was really quiet at boot camp, she didn’t talk to many people but once she got into the house she was loud and stuck with Anastasija, who had been really nice to me but changed after she got closer with Juste.
STACEY – I didn’t see what went on there but the tensions were running high between you three anyway. Maybe they said what they felt and Tanya wasn’t used to hearing what people really thought. Also the circumstances weren’t easy as none of us were getting much sleep. They were all three lovely girls, so maybe a clash of personalities..

Do you you think that Tanya should have gone automatically after failing to get into the water?
STACEY – Tanya’s had a few bad weeks so she needed to have a good shoot to push her back to the top and obviously that didn’t happen, so it was definitely her time to go.

Juste didn’t have a very good week though – do you think it’s fair that she stayed on the back of her previous work?
TANYA – I don’t think that Stacey should have gone home to be honest. I thought her picture was much better than Anastasija’s and Juste’s, but because of the good comments she’s had in previous weeks I think she stayed in. The judges just really liked her and wanted to keep her..

Can you see her being voted out before the final?
TANYA – Hopefully (laughs) .. I’m sorry that’s a bit cheeky, but I don’t really want her to win it. Jess and Jade are both great girls and they both really want it so I hope one of them takes it.

So what are your plans for the future?
TANYA – I need to work on a few things, but I’m determined to keep going with modelling. Maybe I’ll swear a little less?? (laughs)
STACEY – After I’ve finished these interviews I’m going to pop into a few modelling agencies in London and ask for an interview..

Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model continues on Sky Living at 9pm on Monday 5th September