Video: ‘Oh No She Di’int!’ Dancing On Ice’s Karen Barber Puts Jason Gardiner In His Place

There we were, writing off Dancing On Ice as a tired, second rate Strictly with even crapper celebrities, when the mother of all arguments happened last night and went and put it back on the radar. Step forward former professional skater Karen Barber, who marched out of her seat and up to acid tongued Jason Gardiner and gave him what for.

After Gardiner described how he felt “indifferentâ€? to Iraq soldier Johnson Beharry’s performance, he knifed Barber further by saying that if her opinion still mattered, she’d “be on the panelâ€?.

In a glorious moment of genuine animosity (as opposed to X Factor pantomime style ‘disagreements’) a furious Barber walked up to Gardiner, pointed her finger at him and demanded that he repeat what he’d said. With a shaky yet defiant voice, she told him: “You really are so offensive, you bring to this panel really little, you really do.â€?

You go girl…

To relive that glorious moment, skip the boring stuff and watch the video below from the 1:40 mark.

In a further twist, Barber was missing from her seat after the ad break, prompting speculation that she had stormed out of the show (or perhaps less dramatically, was being consoled backstage). Gardiner later attempted a weak apology, but Barber was having none of it, calling him a “‘nasty, nasty man.”

Oh to be a fly on the wall backstage…